Friday, June 1, 2012

Watson figured we were sharing lunch

Watson always ready for anything
Watson was my first Dachshund, and he was a great dog. A standard sized wire hair. One day I stopped at Arby's to get a quick sandwich. Watson was with me, sitting in the backseat of a mini van. I pulled into a space to eat my sandwich. I undid the wrapper and as I took my first bite I realized that my lips were not the only ones on the sandwich. As I took a bite so did Watson, it was a stealth move that surprised me, but made me laugh. Then, when I took a second bite he figured he could do it again since he didn't get in trouble the first time. I was actually hysterical. I did inform him that was it, I hadn't planned on sharing. Just having that fuzzy face right next to mine as I bit into that sandwich was a moment that will stay with me forever.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hey Reddit, Which one of these is not SPAM?

SPAM and Peaches
I really love my Dachshunds, they are at the center of my life. I enjoy taking fun photos and telling stories about them. I enjoy sharing these photos and stories with other people, who enjoy them too. Dogs are great and Dachshunds are awesome. I have been sharing my wonderful Dachshunds on Reddit and other sharing sites, and everything was peachy as we say. Then one day something went haywire and my posts were going to the SPAM file. The mods from dachshunds were helpful,but there seems to be a bigger problem than they can address.Something is broken. My numerous attempts to get help from the site mods and admin. seems to have fallen on deaf ears or no ears. I'm not sure which. I ask you now, could this sweet little dog be confused for SPAM? I think not. The two do not look at all similar. Peaches and Spam might go good together if you had a whole lot of peaches and not so much Spam.
 Foozeball, SPAM, Peaches and Spaatz by batterie61

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dachshunds Honor Memorial Day

All American Dachshunds
Happy Memorial Day America!!. The gang and I wanted to do a little tribute to all who have served this great country in the armed forces. I must admit their motives aren't the same as mine. I hope you haven't forgotten the reason for the holiday weekend!. It's so you won't forget. My dad served in the Navy in WWII, and my grandad was in the army in WWI, they were among the fortunate to make their way home. Today we remember those who didn't, and without their sacrifice this country and even the world would be a different place.