Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shout out: Get Well Crusoe from MYTHREEDOXSONS !

I feel compelled to send a shout out to Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund who as you may or may not know is recovering from spine surgery. The reason is not only that we admire Crusoe and his blog, something we dachshund bloggers strive to be, but the similarities between our stories is interesting.

Some of you may know that last July our Miss Peaches blew out a disc in her back as told in Peaches, down but not out . That was a really tough day, not only for the Peach, but for us as well. We took her to the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers, New York, where she had her surgery and the best of care while she spent 3 days, and I visited her everyday. I felt kind of lost with her in the hospital, but once I decided to visit I felt better, even with the hour drive each way.
You see I had a mission to see her. Just as she had come to see me. Crusoe's mom had been in an auto accident and spent a summer in the hospital, so they both had to recover from spine injuries. I had the unfortunate luck to get Guillian Barre' Syndrome back in 2008 and spent 2 month's in the hospital, some of that time on life support. My daughter Marlena was able to sneak Peaches in to see me in a big handbag. So she visited me and I visited her. I had to learn to walk again, and Peachy did too.
We did the sling thing with going out as Crusoe is, and were so pleased when Peachy was able to pee and poop on her own right away without discomfort. We kept her quiet of course, and I slept on the floor with her for 10 days. We all did, you think the rest of the crew would sleep somewhere else? 
Fast forward to this summer, Miss Peachy is going strong. You would never guess that she had back surgery or that she is 10 years old. The only thing she does is use both back feet as one when she runs. We call it "double footin", but she always did that a little, now it's most of the time. You can only notice her scar when I shave some of that wiry hair off for summer. Best wishes to Crusoe for a speedy and full recovery! Crusoe: Going for surgery


  1. Dear Peaches, Foozie, & Spaatz,

    Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the shout-out. It really means a lot. It's so nice to hear my blog might be an inspiration to yours, but Peaches recovery is surely an inspiration to me as well.

    Happy to see you're doing well now, and I hope your mom is now too.

    Thanks guys. Keep ballin',

    ~ Crusoe

  2. You both are an inspiration to many doxies and their humans.

  3. You both are an inspiration to many doxies and their humans.

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