Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mr. Sunshine

Fooze does Blue Steel
Just call him Sunshine, 'cause that's where he wants to be. Soakin' up the rays, as if it might add to his copper color. He'll be out there on the hot days, but he can't stay too long. That's why this time of year is great in the northeast. You can lay in the sun all day and not get too hot. I also keep strategically placed dog pillows about the house so they can move about as the sun moves and always have a cozy spot to lay down. It must be nice when your only concern is when to move to the next pillow.
You Talkin to Me?

Monday, September 24, 2012


Well another summer has wound down, but we are trying to stretch it out as much as possible. Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley. We like to take the dogs on the Greenway Trail in Wappingers Falls. There is a loop that has a stone bench that is by an old cemetery that has this awesome view of the river. Even the dogs will sit on the bench with us for a little breather. We let them go off leash on the trail. Good thing they listen well and wait up for us, because those little legs can cover some ground. September in NY is great, our favorite time of year.