Friday, October 26, 2012

Raining in NY again, so I made them a nest

Well, we have been caught in a weather pattern for sometime here in the Empire State. The dogs are even thinking "why even get up?" So they had hunkered down on the bed, so I figured I'd make them real comfy, and make a nest around them with one of their favorite crocheted blankets. They really seemed to enjoy it and stayed there for quite a while. Ordinarily they are sitting in the sunshine watching the birds and hoping a squirrel might happen by. Unfortunately we are forecast a nasty storm ala hurricane Sandy. The dogs might be hanging out in the nest so much they're gonna feel like birds.
No nest
                                                           Like bugs in a rug. All 3 are here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Foozeball a Derpy Dachshund?

They might have been thinking of Fooze when they conjured up the word. I mean, if you manage to get the name Foozeball instead of Oscar or Frank there is definitely something up. The guy is a nut, but look at that face. Sweet, if somewhat demented. One of the things I love about this guy is that when the evening comes and we're watchin a little TV, and the dogs are sacked out on me, Foozie will let me pat him and pretty much do anything to him. He just keeps on sleeping. In the photo I have him sitting up in whatever position, pose him, stroke his handsome face. He just sleeps. Peaches wants to left alone if she wants to sleep, Spaatz has to be under a blanket, even in summer. If I'm watching something real exciting I will find myself patting Fooze and playing with his ears A LOT. It's all good, he doesn't care, he just keeps zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
A little cranium scratching is good.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bring out the Hounds

The hounds of course are dachshunds, which were originally bred to be hunting dogs. Let me assure you, inside the dachshund, the heart of the hunter still beats. My three doxsons dispatched their first squirrel on Friday. There was good fun to be had by all. We have an abundance of the "tree rats" here, our property being lined with black walnut trees. That doesn't keep the varmints from getting a free handout at my bird feeders. That's when we bring out the hounds. After chasing Mr Squirrel about the yard he managed to squeak himself into a hole int the back of our "garage". It is 70 some years old, holds no cars, basically a big tool shed. Unfortunately for the squirrel the hole was big enough for mini dachshunds too. I could hear shovels and brooms being knocked about inside so I went around and opened the door to witness Miss Peaches and Spaatz pinning the squirrel to the ground. He managed to escape briefly to run under the tool bench, Peaches in hot pursuit. Spaatz ran outside to see if he could access the squirrel from the other side of the wall, I think that Fooze just bailed at this point, he likes the chase, but I don't think he's got his "death shake" down. The sounds I heard next were kind of indescribable and I knew Miss Peaches was dispatching the squirrel. She walked out from under the bench and dropped the squirrel, x's in his eyes. For her the fun was over, Mr squirrel wasn't going to play anymore, time to move on. So I removed the body, and gave all the dogs a good bath. Figured its always good to have a bath after you killed somebody in the garage.
All washed up, ready to do it again