Saturday, September 8, 2012


Foozie-B, Spaatz and Miss Peachy are always ready to ride shotgun. Today it decided to rain kinda hard while we were out, so no schnozzes out the window. I was pleased they decided to settle right down and not have the "who gets to sit in mom's lap contest." Ride is one of those words you don't say in front of the dogs unless you mean it, along with, walk, treats, squirrel, bunny. You tend to get the heads up and them looking where this item is or coming from. One thing is for sure, they are gamers, ready to go anywhere, anytime, you name it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wabbit Season Over Soon

I'm gonna find me a rabbit and cut his tail off
Spaatz probably doesn't realize that Wabbit season will be over soon. He has come real close, but has yet to get one. If he ever does it will most likely be a team effort with Miss Peachy and Fooze. Apparently though, some of our neighbors have been having problems with the rabbits getting their veggie gardens. Not here, the canine patrols are keeping the enemy at bay. Soon, as we feel fall creeping in, getting a bit cooler, and the days definitely shorter Spaatz will be watching more for the squirrels for his entertainment. There will be plenty of that, as our property is lined with black walnut trees. Did someone say squirrel?