Friday, July 8, 2016

When Badger dogs can't find a Badger

What should any seriously minded badger dog do when there aren't any badgers handy. Well they do what we all do, that is, make do with the next best thing. Today it was the long tailed weasel.
Spaatz- My Leetle Keeler
Now Spaatz and Peaches, Sandie too. She does try. They have been concentrating most of their efforts on squirrels and chipmunks, because they are plentiful. Chipmunks especially this year, lots of them. Miss Peaches got a chipmunk last week and a snake the week before.
Sandie, E for effort, no gold star yet
Spaatz definitely gets the prize this week, because he got a weasel all by himself. Let me tell you those critters stink when there fighting for they're lives. So now the dogs are on high alert even more than ever because now we have cool animals to hunt.
Peaches, the huntress
It was surprising when Spaatz pulled the weasel out of the wood pile that is inside the dog fence. The weasel didn't have the big picture in mind. Perhaps he wanted chipmunk for breakfast too, or a bird perhaps.Unfortunately for him there was a team of badger dogs on staff here. Also known as the mighty dachshund.
Foozeball- I'll be on the couch if you need me.
Spaatz never ceases to amaze me with his hunting drive, I always thought the wire hair or even the long hair varieties of dachshund were more into hunting. Foozeball, my first smoothie is mostly into the couch. He'll hunt if you drop the animal in front of him, but he's not going to go looking for one. Sandie certainly is a gamer, no doubt, she doesn't possess the smarts Spaatz has. She is very fast, the rest of it is a work in progress.
Bad day for the weasel.