Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some like it Hot

I think most dogs enjoy a warm place to lay down, the mighty dachshund is no exception. Foozeball has taken this to the next level in his quest to keep warm during the winter months.
You can see Fooze is not fooling around as he has his head pressed up against the kick heater in the kitchen. We have two of these that blow hot air, the other is in the bathroom. He will often go back and forth between the two of them. I can hear his toenails clicking as he trots from one to the other.
He also has taken up using his nose as a fifth leg as it were. You never know quite what you will walk into when Fooze is soaking up the heat.
Ordinarily I find both of the boys sitting together in front of the heat. Spaatz is being nice here and sharing the warmth. He can be a heat hog, then Fooze gets whatever he can when Spaatz blocks the vent.
Spaatz really likes warm laundry, which can really cause a dilemma because he's so happy and comfortable and to be honest I don't really want to fold this stuff anyway. So I can make all of  us happy and let him enjoy it and I will enjoy making him happy and not fold it just yet.
One thing for sure is that during the winter months all of the doggies will be doing their best to find whatever warm spot is available. Some days I will move the dog bed several times as the sun moves across the sky, and when all else fails they can rely on plenty of body heat to stay warm.
Sandie, Peachy,Spaatz and Mr. Foo