Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Witching Hour

Miss Peaches and Spaatz
There is a time of day I refer to as the"witching hour" although it can be longer than an hour somedays. It refers to that time leading up to suppertime. The dogs keep an extra sharp eye on me just in case I might go towards the cupboard where the dog food is stored. They wouldn't want to miss anything. As the time gets real close they just go lay on the dogbed in the kitchen right next to where the food is. That way nothing is left to chance. Although they are trying to remain calm on the outside the truth be known when I finally get the chow out and the celabration dance begins. Moments later its all over, all the anticipation working up to it, then it over just like that. Kinda like Thanksgiving dinner but on a much smaller scale.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes we just call him "stinky"

The ever popular unplanned washing of the dog. These events happen sometimes. Sometimes you catch it before it happens. If you see them sniffing around, then flop down on that spot all of the sudden. If you freak out loudly and quickly enough you can avert the problem. The other day I wasn't so fortunate. Spaatz was exploring in the backyard and when he came back to where I was sitting I took one look at him and announced "I have to wash the dog". My husband with no sense of smell asked" why, does he stink?". I could see very easily the back of his neck and shoulder were soiled with something, I wasn't even going to check. Straight into the sink with you. I did get a whiff when he was close, it was really awful. I scrubbed him up with some nice doggie shampoo and he was a new man, fairly glistened in the sunlight he did. Funny how he decided to make himself smell good and in the end he actually did.