Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ride, Walk, Swim, Dachshund

So we went on the dachshund triathlon today, which included the ride, to the rail trail, which is kind of anxiety filled because they know we're going for a walk and they can't wait to get there. I usually have to diddle around a bit before I start the walk because 2 or 3 of them will have the so excited I have to poop now urge. That's okay, I expect it and it gets it over with before we go.
Then we get going, and believe me they go, 4 dachshunds can pull pretty hard, especially when a chipmunk crosses our path. Today we did 2.5 miles, which they do without blinking, even Miss Peachy who is ten and had major back surgery last year. Foozie, who is nine is a little slower than the rest, but doesn't keep anybody waiting.
As a special treat we stop at the creek on the trail on the way back so they can cool off and get a drink. Peachy, Sandie and even Spaatz go in while Fooze usually puts on the breaks and wants no part of the swimming portion of the event. We continue back to the car where we finish up with a ride back home. Everyone is tired and no one is whining on the way back
At home the garden is getting pretty jungle like at this point of the summer. The gang loves that too, you never know what kind of critter might be hiding in there. With them it's always game on.