Thursday, April 16, 2015

Time to Shave the Wire Hairs

Yes, it's gotten to be that time of year when an older gals thoughts turn to shaving the wire haired dachshunds. It's just something that's just gotta be done.
Sandie Poo
As you can see Sandie is in full mop here. Maybe I should have called her Dusty. Sandie knows when I bring her in the bathroom and put her on the sink somethings gonna happen. Maybe just getting her teeth brushed or some drops in her ears, but this time it probably took an hour and a half to get all that fur off her. Considering how long it was, she was minimally squirmy.
A little less Sandie Poo

When it was all done I must of taken at least a pound of fur off her. I think I know why they leave that skirt of fur on the underside of schnauzer's, because you think your done, and there's still all that stuff underneath. On a dachshund there's not a lot of clearance under there so you have to be creative to get to it.
I must say that Sandie IS a new dog now. She's so happy! She has a spring in her step, and wants to lick you even more than before. That's somehow not possible. My husband says, if you lost over 10% of your weight in an hour, you'd be happy too. I certainly would. A haircut won't do it.
Miss Peaches was a breeze after Sandie. She doesn't have that dense long hair. It's just like this curly blonde stuff on top. I shave it off and she turns into a redhead.
I always leave the eyebrows ,beard and mustache on. I don't want them to lose their wire hair charm. The cut keeps them cool for the warm months ahead, keeps the bugs down by giving them less places to hide, and right now it helps with all the dirt and twigs and stuff that gets dragged in on the furry undercarriage they sport. They are both really pleased with their new do's, and Spaatz and Fooze stood by during the whole shave and were almost disappointed they didn't get one too
Dachshunds are ready for summer