Thursday, June 16, 2016

Results Are In

Yes, the results are in, and it's official.- Miss Sandie has been voted dog most likely to leave my house tucked in someones suitcase. Sandie has warmed her way into the hearts of many a visitor, who by the end of their stay are contemplating sneaking her out the door whilst no one is watching. This, even though she fairly resembles an anteater the way her tongue is always trying to lick some bit of exposed skin she can find. That, and she will bark at you more than anyone when you arrive.
My son Henry was just here for a visit and already knew he loved Sandie. They bonded the last time he was here over a game of Frisbee. That's because she will fetch longer than you will feel like throwing. My daughter also loves Sandie, but that's because she's sweet, soft and "squishy"
Spaatz also got as close to Hank as he has anyone who isn't here regular. He was able to hold him like a baby as I do. One of the reason's he's also known as "babyman"
Miss Peachy warmly welcomed my daughter, after all, she was originally her dog, but otherwise she's pretty much my girl. I've become even more important to her since her back surgery last year. Here she is before a recent haircut.
Mr.Foo, aka Foozeball, really seems to remember when Hank used to come home from college and Fooze would always pee himself because he was so excited to see him. Now that Foober is 9 he does have control of himself, but he still runs upstairs everyday to see if Henry is still here, and sadly he's not.
Recent guests included extra dachshunds