Friday, August 3, 2012

Peaches Word: Scrumpdillyumptious

Miss Peaches one word would be, scrumpdillyumptious. It just describes her perfectly. Sweet, soft and wonderful like a sundae at Dairy Queen. She's not goofy like the boys and she, on occasion, has to pull rank. Otherwise the boys wouldn't let her have anything. If you give them a plate with a little something special you know the boys will swoop down like vultures and halb everything up before she gets a chance. I have these tiny little Milkbones, I will toss one across the room to her, Foozie, who is standing next to me will run over there and get it before she can react. She will look disappointed and I'll have to hand her one. So when it comes to a dish, she will stride up and show her teeth and let out a growl that shouldn't be possible from such a small sweet dog. I try to discourage such behavior, but I do get her point. That's when I have to claim the plate as mine so all can share. By the way, scrumpdillyumptious is not on spell check. Neither is halb, around here that means to eat like a piggy vulture. Fooze does it best.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can You Describe Your Dachshund With One Word?

I was thinking about this the other day, and it sure is a challenge to describe any dachshund with one word. If I had to with Spaatz the "Babyman" I would have to say goofball. I'm not sure if its a matter of maturity, since he is only 2 but he is very silly, and sweet. I guess only time will tell about that. Somehow I think that he may slow down but the part of him that is goofy will stay the same. Just look at that face, what's not to love?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Canine Confection of Awesomeness

My sweet Peaches here is having a bit of a bad hair day. Its self inflicted though, she's not one to care about how she looks. She has been playing jungle huntress in my perennial garden. She loves it, and right now everything is very tall and lush so she can keep busy sniffing around for quite awhile. If it has rained lately she will come out of her jungle quite wet with her locks in disarray. We don't care either, she is always Miss Peachy, Boo-cakes, a sweet canine confection of awesomeness.