Friday, June 28, 2013

The Dachshund Alarm Clock

When the dachshund alarm clock goes off you have no choice but to get up. Especially when it a three pronged attack. I was laying in bed, awake basically, ready to get up, but not moving. You know what that's like. Then all of a sudden the boys are up in my face armed with long tongues attempting to lick me. Then, Miss Peaches comes climbing up on me from the other side looking for her share of the fun. Next thing I know I'm definitely awake and laughing. They're jumping all over me and flapping they're ears as part of the wake up call.Now mind you they have a really awesome internal clock so they're timing is perfect. I think if everyone were to wake up this way the world would be in a better mood.
You lick her face, I'll sniff her ear.