Monday, January 20, 2014

Spaatz can be very sneaky

Spaatz is a dachshund that can be a little more devious than your average dog. A couple prime examples is when we're all settling down to sleep and he would bark, essentially getting all the other dogs barking and running out of the room then settling down in his favorite spot. He must be thinking, "what a bunch of suckers". The other thing he has done on several occasions is at the moment he is anticipating getting a treat of some sort, he will go the front door and ring the bell he was trained to ring when he needs to go out. So my husband or I will say who wants to go out, and all the dogs will of course follow to go out, EXCEPT Spaatz. He will stand there and figure on getting all of the yummy things that may come his way. I'm thinkin "you bum, you ring the bell to get rid of your competition, then you stand here so you can get it all". This will backfire on him when he doesn't take in to account we're onto his master plan to get all the treats, and he has to wait for the others to return.

 I'm sure he was in charge of the peanut butter cookie heist from a couple weeks ago. Good thing he hasn't figured out the computer or I'm sure I'd be getting a very large delivery from the grocery store of Milk Bones.