Thursday, October 17, 2013

For Dachtober, I give you The Scary Peach

Miss Peaches, as intimidating as a marshmallow. She does give it a good dachshund try, but the truth be known she's just a big love muffin. Sweet and fluffy, hard to resist. A little good lighting and a flash of the teeth, she's doing her best werewolf impression. She can have the tough girl persona, but if a big leaf fell out of the sky and hit her in the butt she'd jump like a grasshopper and high tail it for home. She gets spooked like a kid on Halloween when the great pumpkin actually does show up at midnight. My scaredy dog.
Miss Peaches, the not so scary wire hair dachshund

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pack Of Hot Dogs

My package of Hot Dogs
My personal pack of Hot Dogs contains only three, but it is a variety pack. Miss Peaches being the red wire hair, Spaatz, the black and tan one blue eyed dapple, and last but not least Foozie, the classic red short hair. I used to believe that the black and tan was the "classic" dachshund look, but I think the red is the coat style that I actually see the most of. There are so many coat colors and combinations of fur types you can get, its almost endless, and although their personalities are definitely different from one dachshund to the next they really have similarities that no matter what they look like they all possess. They are probably the most adept dogs at comedy than any other I've know. They're terribly sweet, if they like you and maybe not so much if they don't . Great cuddlers, all three of mine will try to out do each other in the competition to curl up on my lap. Brave to the point of stupidity, and terribly stubborn, but it makes you love them all the more.