Friday, June 29, 2012

Brave, to the point of Foolhardiness

Spaatz- Fearless to a fault
Good ole Spaatz, we let the dogs out the other night without taking inventory of the backyard, and wouldn't you know not only was there a bunny but three deer back there. Of course Spaatz took it apon himself to rid the area of said creatures. The bunny was not what was of concern. It was the deer. So he went bounding out there, kinda like Pepe' le pew. Bouncing a lot, the terrain isn't real smooth. The bunny scattered quickly, but the deer needed a little more convincing. Fortunately none of them were inclined to stand their ground against such a formidable creature. So Spaatz has kept the yard safe from foliage eaters for another day.

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