Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It was a dachshund holiday!

Sandie, Rupert, Foozie, Spaatz and Miss Peaches
Hello dachshund lover's! We  just had an extra dachshund staying here with us. His name is Rupert, although he is affectionately known as RuRu, or Rutabaga, or as I sometimes call him- Rooster. Rupert is a very sweet dachshund, quite friendly. But he can be kinda mischievous. Rupert is one of my daughter's dachshunds, we both have 4. Yes, it's kinda an illness and it's catching, so beware.We put up some gates to keep the dogs in the kitchen while we were out. Now My dogs are content to stay in bounds, in fact you don't have to secure the gates. The gate could be lying down in the doorway and they still won't pass, but Rupert needs to get out of any confinement just because he must.
This was a big adventure for Rupert, flying up from Florida. Did you know if your doctor signs a note for you saying you need a therapy dog with you to keep calm while you travel they can travel for free? My daughter was able to do this with Rupert. I saw the form, you can have up to 3 dogs. I found this to be quite interesting, and will keep this in mind in the future.
Probably one of Rupert's favorite moments was when the dogs got a squirrel and he got to play too. Dachshund live for that kind of stuff, and it was a first for him. The only problem is when it's over they don't want it to end. Mr. squirrel is no fun anymore when he has xx's in his eyes.
I find when you have multiple dachshund's, once you have more than 2 it doesn't matter when one more is around. I do imagine that does tap out at some point. I know I've seen people with more than me so I haven't quite attained the "crazy dachshund lady" status yet. Not quite.Whenever we get together with my daughter and her dogs there is always a lot of barking, but always a lot of fun and laughter too.
Maybe another squirrel will come out to play

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