Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sandie has been assimilated

Resistance was futile.I knew it was only a matter of time before Sandie was assimilated into the group. There was never any serious confrontations, part of it is when she felt comfortable with every one. The official sign was when she felt like she could sleep in the pile with everyone else. She is a very happy energetic girl. She can keep up with Spaatz, and that is great for him, but she also plays with Foozie, and that is making him act younger than his 7 years. Miss Peaches is still the boss around here, so she just lets everyone know that in no uncertain terms every once in awhile. Nothing rough, just make no mistakes about it, in case anyone was wondering.

    Miss Peaches------>
      Miss Sandie ----->
Miss Sandie


Monday, December 2, 2013

Have a Wienerful Christmas!

Yes, I saw this inflatable dachshund Christmas decoration and decided that I must have it. Seems there is a number of dachshund items to decorate your home with this holiday season. There going fast, so don't delay.
This pillow was essential too. I'm glad I didn't hesitate on this one. Another lady was looking for it soon after I picked it up. Oh no, Its mine! Ha ha. We chatted up our dachshunds, she had two, while I'm up to four. Showed each other photos on our phones, she'll just have to order the pillow. My sister was sweet enough to give it to me for an early gift. Otherwise I would have to buy it myself. While I don't usually pick up all dachshund merchandise, there is a lot out there These were a couple I really liked.
Here is the gang from last year, I will have to work on a new photo for this year that will include Miss Sandie
Have a good holiday season!