Monday, December 12, 2016

Boo Boo and her Magic Belly

Miss Peaches naturally has an assortment of nick names, she is the only dog here affectionately known as Boo Boo. Somehow that name is natural to her, just as Sandie is Miss Waggers. That's pretty self explanatory. Anyway, I thought that I would share the wonder of the"Magic Belly". Peaches has had it all her life, she cannot help it.
Rest assured if your having a rough day all you need is to rub the magic belly and you start to feel better. And Peachy will pretty much be available as long as she is needed. The service is free, and as far as I can tell, there is no time limit. You yourself may have a dachshund with a magic belly and find yourself among the fortunate.
 Sandie has a pretty magical belly too, but she hasn't quite the legend status as Boo Boo. Sandie has a very "doughy" quality about her that is nice, and she is usually willing to lend a tummy when needed. Then you might be real nice and throw a toy for her 100 times.
Spaatz, well he is a boy so he does enjoy having that big dachshund chest rubbed quite a bit. That's only available on a limited basis as there may be a squirrel outside that needs to be barked at. This dog has an agenda and a mission, so he may have to leave at a moments notice.
Foozeball, aka Mr Foo is the oddball here. Not really into tummy or chest rubs. He does like a good cranium scratch and is fond of having his rear quarter panel rubbed, and if your on the toilet he will come and stand on your foot until you do so. Then if he's really into it he will extend his leg straight back and get the inside of his leg. That's as close as you will get to a belly rub with him.
So as we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, you may find yourself stressed with so much to do and just little time. Don't forget to take advantage of the tummy therapy that is available to you. You'll be glad you did and your dachshund will be too!