Saturday, May 5, 2012


I suppose its awesome because its my dog, Well, so be it. I love that face, that blue eye on one side. He's a bit of a knucklehead, but he's very sweet. Maybe he'll grow out of it. Fooze did, kinda. He sleeps with his head on my shoulder, and sometimes if I let out a sigh he will too and that makes me smile.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not Afraid to Show her Teeth

Tellin Spaatz where to go by batterie61
Tellin Spaatz where to go, a photo by batterie61 on Flickr.
Miss Peaches here isn't afraid to show those teeth when needed. The main reason being that pesky little bugger Spaatz. She enjoys playing with him up to a certain point. Like if she's not in the mood or if it requires sharing. Last night I was having an ice cream on a stick and even though it was all gone she wanted to lick it. I let her do so, but when Spaatz came over to get a couple licks himself Oh my! It was amazing how she could fully pull her lips out of the way and completely expose all of her teeth. It made me laugh, from sweet angel to a dangerous beast in half a second. I will have to get a front view shot of this its quite phenomenal. Fortunately this look is saved mostly for Spaatz, once in awhile Fooze, but always know she is the queen of all she surveys.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will Work for Food

Hungry Boy by batterie61
Hungry Boy, a photo by batterie61 on Flickr.
Foozie here will do pert near anything food, even sit still. I have known some dogs in my time that weren't possesed by food. Dogs that were "nibblers", you know, have a few kibble, come back later for more. Ive heard tell of finicky dogs. I've never personally owned one. Foozie is dedicated to the consumption of all things edible. I hazzard to say he might eat untill his feet didn't touch the ground. That's short work when you're a Dachshund. When I come home and Foozie believes its suppertime its a big production. He runs about the room, spins in circles and makes crazy shrieking sounds. Yet, here he sits like a little gentleman, waiting for his chow. Last to be served, first to finish.