My Three Doxsons

My Three Doxsons
Spaatz, Miss Peaches and Foozer

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Waited too Long

Yes, I'm afraid I waited too long to do the Sandiepoo maintenance shave. I try to keep Sandie trimmed up, because the next thing you know she is doing her impression of a dust mop. O' Cedar I say. A cute dust mop, but a dust mop just the same.
The real issue here is that her fur is terribly fine and when its long it gets matted. All I have to do is get the brush out and she's headed for the hills. Or in actuality, under my bed.
She's not coming out of there unless there is a food bribe involved. So I have found that the better way to handle this is to keep her trimmed up. She is pretty well behaved for the shaving process.
I didn't get to it like I should because, well, it was very cold out, so I delayed. The next thing you know is, wow, that's a lot of fur. I do put a sweater on her to keep her warm, but I delayed and here we are again with a very fuzzy dog. Even if I don't do the whole dog I will "trim her nose hairs" because fur grows towards her pretty eyes.
I don't know if it drives her crazy, it makes me crazy to have her fur pointing at her eyes. The good news is that Spring has sprung so the cold days will be going away, and the dachshunds will once again be soaking up the sunshine as they love to do, and Sandie wont' be so fuzzy wuzzy.
Sandipoo in the pinks.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some like it Hot

I think most dogs enjoy a warm place to lay down, the mighty dachshund is no exception. Foozeball has taken this to the next level in his quest to keep warm during the winter months.
You can see Fooze is not fooling around as he has his head pressed up against the kick heater in the kitchen. We have two of these that blow hot air, the other is in the bathroom. He will often go back and forth between the two of them. I can hear his toenails clicking as he trots from one to the other.
He also has taken up using his nose as a fifth leg as it were. You never know quite what you will walk into when Fooze is soaking up the heat.
Ordinarily I find both of the boys sitting together in front of the heat. Spaatz is being nice here and sharing the warmth. He can be a heat hog, then Fooze gets whatever he can when Spaatz blocks the vent.
Spaatz really likes warm laundry, which can really cause a dilemma because he's so happy and comfortable and to be honest I don't really want to fold this stuff anyway. So I can make all of  us happy and let him enjoy it and I will enjoy making him happy and not fold it just yet.
One thing for sure is that during the winter months all of the doggies will be doing their best to find whatever warm spot is available. Some days I will move the dog bed several times as the sun moves across the sky, and when all else fails they can rely on plenty of body heat to stay warm.
Sandie, Peachy,Spaatz and Mr. Foo

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ode To The Hot Dog

I like hot dogs in summer,
winter, and fall,
but the dogs I like best,
never hit the grill at all.
Spaatzen, Sandie, Foozeball and Peach
a little wienerdog is
never out of reach.
While they don't need
a wrap, a roll, or a bun.
They come fortified,
for a full day of fun.
You simply can't top them
No need to embellish,
and certainly not with
ketchup, mustard or relish.
They'll keep your heart warm,
but not with a fire
Dachshunds come in smooth coat,
longhair, or wire. 
Their devotion is touching,
the comedy never ceases
these cut-up hot dogs
will leave you in pieces
And though their legs may be short
Their personalities are tall
When life can't be a picnic,
with dachshunds, it's a ball.
Thank you guys!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It's Peachy Day

Yes, it's Peachy Day, where we celebrate the day we made our secret drive to get Miss Peaches 12 years ago.

 It was secret because at the time we had 1 standard size wire hair dachshund named Watson. My daughter Marlena said she wanted a mini wire hair, which I didn't think was going to happen. I had never seen an ad for a mini wire hair locally.
Watson, protector of shoes.
But as happenstance would have it, there was one listed in the paper, so without telling her, we went to look at the dog. It happens my husband is a dog control officer, so we said we were going on a dog call and took Watson with us. Marlena being a teenager was unconcerned with whatever we were up to.
So we drove to the next county in the snow. Peachy was one of many owned by a vet tech that needed to downsize. Peachy was sweet and her first meeting with Watson went well so we decided to take her. When we brought her home I called Marlena downstairs, I said Merry Christmas, and handed her the dog. She was so excited, she was basically hyper-ventilating. I told her to stop she was scaring the puppy.
So the rest is history as they say, and there have been many adventures with the old girl. The Peach is the matriarch around here even though she never had pups of her own. We love her dearly
She's my little digger, the brave scaredy cat, the great communicator, and if my mom were a dog Peachy would be her as she is always there for me when I need her
She's been lost and then found, survived fighting with a muskrat and major back surgery. Dug many a hole and had to be washed and I hope she will be with us for as long as she is able. Still going strong, 13 years old next April, Happy Peachy day old girl!!
The gang's all here!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Keep Your Hot Dogs Chillin

Wow, as we work towards a day of record breaking heat ( 10AM, 89 degrees in the shade), it's always a good idea to keep your hot dogs chillin. I got the crew a little cabana to hang out on. They've been a little resistant to it, preferring the chaise lounge that they're used to, but it doesn't have the shade, so that's why I got it.
I bought the larger model, so if they wanted to, they could all be on it together, That event hasn't happened yet. I think we're up to three of them on it at once. Spaatz really likes the lounger because he uses it for a look out. Specifically for squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucks and bunny rabbits.
Mr Foo, (Foozeball), the old man, really is a sun worshipper so he will go out and bake himself for a little while, then come and check out one of the many dog beds available with a ceiling fan running.
Miss Sandie Poo was really turning into a mop again so I gave her her second shave of the season. She cooperates very well until we get to the feet, which she decides all bets are off. That's when I sit on the floor with her laying stretched out on my legs and I finish her up.
Miss Peaches had been experiencing a little back problems, but she has rested up and is doing much better now. otherwise everyone has been doing well and I for one am looking forward to the fall and some cooler weather.The doggies don't get as much outdoor time in this heat, so I think they'll agree.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Birthday Miss Peaches and Foozball 2018

The beginning of April every year finds us celebrating the birthdays of our beloved "old" dogs, Miss Peachy and Foozie.  Fooze's birthday on the first because it seemed appropriate. Not sure of the real date, we know it's in April. Peaches is officially on the 2nd.
Peaches is 12 years old now which clocks her in around 84 years old. She has a lot of spirit and hopefully she will live to be our oldest dog ever, beating out the 13 year mark by plenty.
Mr Foo is 11 years old now. He seems to be showing his age a bit more as he has become pretty deaf. I can walk in and out of the house several times, carrying bags and the other dogs dancing around excitedly without him hearing enough to disturb his slumber.
 Peaches still has a whole lot of spunk for a 12 year old dog that has recovered from major back surgery four years ago. If there's an adventure to be had, this girl is game.
The two of them have definitely slowed down. They have gotten so they don't feel like getting up for every little thing.I did insist this morning that if Peaches wanted a slice of frozen banana she would have to get out of my bed and come into the kitchen. She did.
They should still have many sunny days ahead for them, many doggie adventures still to be had.
Peachy will always be up for a good hunt as long as there are critters in the garden.
Mr. Foo as a dacshing youngster.
Spaatz and Sandie, both 7 years old are our youngsters.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Miss Peaches: Swiffer for the Planet

I recently took the dogs for a little hike on the local Greenway trail, which was very nice and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed it. Part of the trail is all leaves and sticks from the past fall. Which can be problematic for Peachy. I have to remove a variety of leaves and debris from her underside afterwards
If you find yourself lucky enough to own a wire haired dachshund or two, you may be all too familiar with the phenonmenon of the canine swiffer. Miss Peaches, in the photo above has just had a bath after a walk. As you can see, she can't do a thing with her eyebrows after a bath.
Now I'm sure the same could be said for the long hair dachshund as well. Rupert here, my "grand dog" would experience the same issue I'm sure, but he's in Florida and hasn't been on any trails in New York as of late.
Some of you may recall Miss Peach has a similar problem with snow. The worst part about that is, while you might think you could "brush" the snow away. You would be sadly mistaken. It quickly becomes embedded and has to be pulled out, snowball by snowball.
Soon, with the warmer weather I will have the ritual "shaving the Peach". It helps keep the bugs down and her undercarriage a little more tidy. My other wire hair, Sandie, I keep shaved year round.
As you can see, while she is very cute, the fur is very fine and prone to matting. She hates to be brushed, and will run away if she sees the brush. She is very cooperative for the shaving process, so it works out better for all this way. I like to say she is part "O-Cedar".
She does clean up very well I must say. Then there are the boys, Spaatz and Foozeball, or Mr. Foo.
They don't have these problems with their short fur. That can cut down on the number of dogs that need to washed after a hike. While we have the whole process down to a science, it can be a lot of work and towels. The hazards of having a bunch of low rider dogs. It's okay, they're totally worth it.
I wouldn't change a thing.
My Golden Girl