My Three Doxsons

My Three Doxsons
Sir Foozeball ,Spaatz & Miss Peaches

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dachshund Owners- You Know the Drill

Drabble knows how dachshunds operate. If you are like me, you are all to familiar with this drill. While the mighty dachshund is surely an invaluable security system, they are a little hair trigger.
If you have more than one dachshund, then there may be an "instigator". In my case I have two of them. Foozy is a barking instigator from way back, anything, doesn't matter if it's a half mile away. If he can hear it, see it, or smell it, it is an intruder and the warning must be issued. Then there is Sandie, who isn't too sharp (although terribly sweet), she barks at everything, but then she won't stop.
Sandie- Marathon barker
I think the classic moment was a couple weeks ago. We have a little fenced in area in the back yard where they can hang out. I could hear them all barking, so I went to investigate, when I looked to see what was going on, they were all barking , but facing different sides of the fence. They weren't even barking at the same thing. They were all just barking at the world.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Time to Shave the Wire Hairs

Yes, it's gotten to be that time of year when an older gals thoughts turn to shaving the wire haired dachshunds. It's just something that's just gotta be done.
Sandie Poo
As you can see Sandie is in full mop here. Maybe I should have called her Dusty. Sandie knows when I bring her in the bathroom and put her on the sink somethings gonna happen. Maybe just getting her teeth brushed or some drops in her ears, but this time it probably took an hour and a half to get all that fur off her. Considering how long it was, she was minimally squirmy.
A little less Sandie Poo

When it was all done I must of taken at least a pound of fur off her. I think I know why they leave that skirt of fur on the underside of schnauzer's, because you think your done, and there's still all that stuff underneath. On a dachshund there's not a lot of clearance under there so you have to be creative to get to it.
I must say that Sandie IS a new dog now. She's so happy! She has a spring in her step, and wants to lick you even more than before. That's somehow not possible. My husband says, if you lost over 10% of your weight in an hour, you'd be happy too. I certainly would. A haircut won't do it.
Miss Peaches was a breeze after Sandie. She doesn't have that dense long hair. It's just like this curly blonde stuff on top. I shave it off and she turns into a redhead.
I always leave the eyebrows ,beard and mustache on. I don't want them to lose their wire hair charm. The cut keeps them cool for the warm months ahead, keeps the bugs down by giving them less places to hide, and right now it helps with all the dirt and twigs and stuff that gets dragged in on the furry undercarriage they sport. They are both really pleased with their new do's, and Spaatz and Fooze stood by during the whole shave and were almost disappointed they didn't get one too
Dachshunds are ready for summer

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Big April Dachshund Birthday Party

April is a big month here for dachshund birthdays. We know that Peaches,  birthday is on the second of April. Foozie, we know from the records we got from the SPCA when we got him that he was also born in April, but not the day. April fool's day seemed totally appropriate for him. Peachy just turned 9 and Fooze is 8. Getting a little grey around the muzzle both of them.
So I went all out and made them a cake, I had hoped I could get a nice photo op with them all sitting at the table waiting for cake. Not happening. This is the best I could do. On the floor with Miss Peaches testing the icing. This is a dog cake recipe, with shredded carrots and peanut butter, no sugar. The icing is a fat free cream cheese with a smidge of honey. Actually not bad. The cake is bland as dirt, but all doggie friendly ingredients.
Yesterday was all about making special things for the dogs. Not only did I make the cake but their favorite dog food too. I recently started making them dog food from scratch. It's from Dr Fox, who is a vet with a weekly column in the newspaper. All healthy stuff for the dogs. I must say their coats have taken on a noticeable luster. Especially Spaatz. Soo smooth and shiny. I started with ground venison this time. You can use chicken or beef. Best thing is they LOVE it. They go ape-shit at supper time. The thing is it calls for spirulina, which is a blue-green algae supplement full of protein, vitamins and minerals. That's great, but it turns the food green. Real green.
I freeze portions and take them out as needed 
Fortunately the dogs don't care. There's also brown rice and bits of chopped apple and blueberries. There are other options like sweet potatoes, it depends on what I have on hand. My sister asked if I tasted it, nope, you lose me at the spirulina. Although it's probably healthy for anyone.
Peachy, being the girl that she is, was finding the dessert was not too bad either. Well, I didn't get that perfect photo with the dogs with party hats on, sitting in front of the cake whilst they wait for happy birthday to be sung before they "woof" down the cake. They were very happy, I gave them each a sliver. Seems to be sleep inducing, everyone is napping now. No one begging to sit on my lap. Anyone interested in spoiling your dogs rotten by making the homemade dog food can find the recipe here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Ah, yes my Golden Girls, Miss Peachy and Sandie Poo. An unlikely pair of friends. Peachy is the diva dog here, and we weren't certain they would get along at all, let alone be friends.
When it came time to see if we might adopt Sandie out of her unhappy situation we took Peach with us so they could meet on neutral ground to see if they might dislike each other from the get go. Fortunately there were no fireworks.                                                                            
Now it finds them often as two peas in a pod. They both sport the wire hair coat which seems impervious to the elements. The sub zero temperatures this winter didn't phase them as they kept hunting while I tried to coax them inside.
Sandie will always be the less dominant of the two, but they still can be very competitive, always wanting to see what the other is up to.
In retrospect I am so glad that Sandie has come to stay. She would never be as happy in a house with 17 cats as she is here with 3 other dachshunds, besides the fact she was so sickly. Here, she has true friends to play with and a pack of wieners to cuddle up with when ever she needs them.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dachshund Though the Snow!

 Isn't Sandie the sweetest little teddy bear of a dog ever? Here she is sporting a little snow on her tummy just waiting for a little rub down after she comes in from the cold. Not that Sandie minds the cold at all, because she really doesn't seem to care it at all. Miss Peachy either. The reason is obvious of course. It's that fur coat. Foozie, I have to hunt him down and toss him out. Really not looking to go out even though he at least has a shirt on. So when he rings the bell to go out, I know he's not kidding. Then he's quick to do what he has to and he's crying to come back in.

Spaatz, even though he is a "smoothie"always wants to go out. There might be a squirrel out there, and we just can't have that. It's his job to eliminate them from the yard. He refuses to wear a sweater, it feels so foreign to him, he stiffens up and is not himself until it's removed, even though he will shiver when he's out there.
Sitting by the heat vent

Then there's Sandie and Peaches, always up for the hunt. Single digits outside, really, they hadn't noticed. I have to coax them to come in. In fact one of Sandie's favorite things to do is roll around in the snow. Peachy has way too much dignity for that, but she's not above jamming her head into the snowbank. That has a purpose though, she smells a critter and is looking for it. They all have their own style. I'm looking forward to when I have to shave the girls and the boys are out in the yard basking in the sun. Can't wait, spring will be sweet this year.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sandie has a Ball!

Sandie loves to play. She loves to play with anything, a sock, a squeaky toy, a Frisbee. My husband and son were playing Frisbee and she ran back and forth between them until they brought her inside for fear she was going to expire from exhaustion. She wouldn't give up. She loves to take my husband's socks and run around with them and fetch and play. Spaatz wasn't interested in socks until Sandie started playing with them. Now he wants them so she can't have them. I am afraid this just adds to the missing sock problem.
The other day I had been using one of those large fitness balls. I was finished and was goofing around a little and started to bounce it like a basketball. Sandie thought this looked like it would be a lot of fun. My first reaction was that she was silly and I stuck it in the closet. She proceeded to lay outside the closet until I got it back out. Then she started to push it all around the house and really was having a good time. Spaatz was pissed that she was having fun and he was not sure how to play or how to take it away from her because he likes to be a killjoy. Even Foozie participated, he usually doesn't like toys so much as he just likes to wrastle.
Must have ginormous ball!
So what I really am looking forward to is when the weather is A LOT warmer and the grass is green and not covered with a couple feet of snow I can let her loose outside with the big ball and watch he go.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there. Hopefully you have some sweet little dachshunds by your side as I do. In fact Peaches is on my lap as I type this entry. Spaatz and Sandie are on the heated dog bed close by. Fooze, not too sure, probably on the couch.
Hopefully you have purchased your cards or whatever your getting your significant other, because the stores will be down to SLIM PICKINS people. I was in the grocery store yesterday, the florist area usually kinda quiet was full of guys. I asked my husband if he wanted his gift this morning or wait 'till later. He said he didn't have my gift here. I said because it's still at the store, right? Err..aah..yeah.
So anyway, its snowing here again, so we'll be just chillin together. I have some crocheting to do. The dogs will be keeping me company and warm. Last night it got down to 13 below and they say it will be worse tonight. It's gonna be a 4 dog night. Hope you are all warm and cozy for Valentine's day.