My Three Doxsons

My Three Doxsons
Sir Foozeball ,Spaatz & Miss Peaches

Friday, October 17, 2014

Early Signs of Dachshunds

I have mentioned before that my husband is the dog warden for our town for the last 14 years. Recently we picked up a dog and the owner didn't notice the dog was missing for over 24 hours. This was a smaller breed that spends time inside the house. This scenario I personally can't imagine. First of all if you have dachshunds there is a good chance that they sleep by your side. Second, even before you wake you may be acutely aware  of their presence. I may have a dog tucked under each arm, or sometimes when it's about time to get up it feels like someone is standing on me. Not a person of course,but I feel four, sometimes eight feet walking around or just standing, and you know your being stared at. This is just Spaatz and Foozie standing on me, hoping I'll get up. Not that there is much choice in the matter.
The other day, when I opened my eyes there was nothing but this big dark shape before me blocking my view of almost everything. What is this? The zombie apocalypse? No, how silly, but Spaatz was laying so his nose was a half inch from my eyeball. Ooh, a little early for the close encounters. Then there is always Miss Peachy who will not growl, but grumble I would say because it IS time for her to be patted, and she will complain until I comply. I usually just need for her to get closer to my hand so I can rub her scruffy head without actually getting up.  Once you get up, when you want to make the bed you may find you have some sizable lumps in it and you have to ask them to leave. Even then the lumps may return when your not looking. So not noticing the dog was missing, not possible. I feel oddly alone if there's not at least one dog in the room.                                  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peachy the Mouser

Miss Peaches, the wire haired dachshund is known for her hunting abilities. She has taken down snakes, squirrels, chipmunks and tag teamed a woodchuck or two. Over the past weekend while staying with relatives, she earned her keep once again. Out in the Connecticut country we were staying with my husband's sister and her taller than average husband. We always have fun when we're together. Their home is a converted dairy barn. As one might imagine, it's fall, the mice are starting to move in.The same thing happens at my house. After being shown a place where a mouse had been previously removed Peach got on the case. Sniffing and snuffling around and letting it be known where the best place to look. A cabinet was moved and she ended up killing two mice and pointing out (with her nose) a nest, or mouse house as we call them, was also removed. Good job Peachy! Usually when we go there, she concentrates on critters out in the yard and has only managed to get extremely dirty. This time, in closed quarters she she came up aces and eliminated the vermin. With dachshunds, when they can't find a badger, anything that moves will do.
There was a lot of barking over the weekend, but all is quiet now.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DANGER- Tripping Hazard

Say it isn't so. Little Sandie, a tripping hazard. Well, as it happens, it is true. Now all dachshunds are a tripping hazard, but when when you are used to having them around it's not that big a deal. One tends to shuffle around so as to just push little doggies out of the way instead of tripping over them. This is especially a good idea when you have a bunch of them, there is a really good chance there is one of them in the path of your next step. Now my husband and I know that Sandie Poo isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Unlike Spaatz who can actually have the thought process to be devious. Sandie is very sweet and a little dumb, but that's okay except when she actually decides to run between my feet when I am walking. I am not quite as graceful as I once was and this, well it's hazardous. She's nearly taken me down a few times. It's mainly when I ask the dogs if they would like to go out. Which is really a dumb question, unless it's raining. 
Anyway, they all start running for the back door, and on occasion Sandie will decide to run between my feet whilst I'm walking. Fortunately I haven't hit the ground yet, and trying to tell her not to do that. You know, Sandie, blah blah, blah blah blah. Got that? Good.
My moon and stars

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All's Well in Dachshundville

Miss Peaches
In general it's been a great summer here in the Hudson Valley. Not nearly as hot and stinking humid as usual.
We did have an incident that did not leave the dogs unscathed. There is a lot of woods behind our house, so it's not unusual to see an assortment of woodland creatures. Of course the dogs really like this, it gives them a reason to bark and occasionally chase said creatures. A few weeks ago they cornered a woodchuck. Unfortunately this was a really big one, bigger than even Peaches.It was a crazy standoff with 4 dachshunds barking and howling and 1 big woodchuck not to be taken down by the likes of these guys. My husband was going to dispatch the critter, but a gun that would shoot a proper bullet was locked up and couldn't be retrieved with the urgency of the situation. Then as quickly as it started it was over. Mr Chuck had managed to get away and it was very quiet again. Head count, everyone to the house. Only three dogs. That's bad. I quickly got Spaatz, Fooze and Sandie in the house. Here we are freaking out calling Peachy again. It was probably only a couple minutes, but I hate that feeling. Then before my husband was going to excavate a chuck hole I saw her on the other side of the yard. We figure when the chuck ran she went after it. Then it's apparent she's been injured. I took her straight into the laundry sink to wash up, along with Sandie who had blood on her although no wounds herself. Peach had a bad tear from the side of where her nostril curls around the side of her nose. I thought that was the worst of it, but upon a vet exam she had several punctures in her chest, one went clear through the skin. They shaved her chest, no stitches, but I had to keep the wounds clean and give her antibiotics. Rabies update just in case. Well, I'm happy to say she is all better, a scar on the side of her nose. Spaatz got a couple of scratches on his neck, Fooze, one puncture between his nose and lip and Sandie apparently didn't get close enough. Mr Big Chuck has not been seen since, and I hope he wised up. He's not welcome in Dachshundville.
Unfortunately, they'd do it all again

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hounds of Awesomeness

Where ever I am 
They are.
Kitchen , bathroom
even the car
Lifting my spirits if they might be down
The Hounds of Awesomeness
are always around.
Four little dachshunds
here, by my side
for sleep, a walk
especially a ride.
A comedy team
Therapists Supreme
Hunters of vermin
like you never seen.
Ready for action
or maybe a nap.
A biscuit, or cheese
sugar peas that snap.
Snausages, yogurt,
did I mention the cheese?
These dachshunds of mine
are easy to please.
Devoted, 'tis true
Vigilant little crew
Knock on my door,
They'll be barking at you.
They'll bark and bark,
seems they can't get enough 
It's their job you see
to protect their people and stuff.
They may make you crazy.
They will make you laugh 
The Hounds of Awesomeness
Sure are a gas.
The ever awesome...
Foozie, Sandie,Spaatz,and Peachy

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Other Reason Dachshunds Have Short Legs

We all know that the dachshund was bred to hunt vermin down low and underground, which is why they are the low riders they are today. My theory is that they have developed the short legs to make the distance to the ground shorter. I have noticed when I go to pat my dogs that before my hand gets to their back they've
flopped down on their backs and are offering the belly for a good rub. So the real reason for the short legs is to prevent injury, whilst increasing the amount of belly rubs immeasurably. Then when you stop patting them they will stay in that position and give it a little wriggle that is an invitation for more of the same.
This tactic often works. It does with me anyway. They know how to work it. Eventually you have to get something done, but they will keep drawing you in with their cuteness that is hard to resist.
It's okay, you can justify it. I'm just lowering my blood pressure. It's almost like exercise. Yeah, that's it. Think of the health benefits. Just a few rubs makes you feel better and the dog happy too! It's all good. Now go out and find yourself a dachshund and reap those benefits that are there for the taking.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hitchin' Up The Team

That's what we call getting the dogs ready for a walk. Oh, and don't say the "W" word in front of them unless you mean it. For that matter don't say "ride" or "treat" or "biscuit". Dogs tend to assume your talking about them. Anyway, once it's been decided your going, there is a little change that comes over everyone just to make the whole process of getting the harnesses and leashes on more difficult. Peachy, who is older and kinda laid back, turns years younger, starts pickin up toys giving them the death shake then picking on the other dogs. Messing with them. Sandie will start to tousle with Peach, they usually don't interact too much. Spaatz, who's the most out going of the group, turns into a dweeb, hating having the harness put on. Even though we're always gentle, and once we get going he's the happiest leading the pack. Foozer just figures he'll be difficult and go sit in the crate. I have to fake leaving without him so he comes out, or just yoink him out in the dog bed he's curled up in. So basically everyone really wants to go, but they have to turn into jerks so the whole harness thing is extra difficult. Peach will even lay on her back while you are trying to put it on. Once we're out the door it's all systems go. In fact, yesterday they thought they saw a critter down the road, when they took off after it, they about chirped my tires.When we got close, that's all it was. a piece of tire.
Ride, Walk, Ride, it doesn't get better.