My Three Doxsons

My Three Doxsons
Miss Peaches, Foozie and Spaatz

Sunday, May 8, 2016

3 out of 4 dachshunds like to be hugged

I saw an article recently that said that dogs don't like to be hugged. I don't know if the person who wrote this has any experience with dachshunds, but I beg to differ. An exhaustive study recently done here at my house concludes that 3 out of 4 dachshunds most definitely do like hugs, some may even initiate them themselves.
That would of course be my black and tan dapple with one blue eye Spaatz. He will climb along the back of the couch, stand with his front paws on my shoulder then wrap his head and neck around my face. It feels like a hug. Not only can I not see, I can hardly breathe,because he has himself pushed against me so hard. I don't know, maybe he's trying to kill me off so he can have all the kibble. I also pick him up like a baby, with his paws in the air and gaze into his eyes. He really likes it if I bite his neck a little. It's a dog thing.
Now Miss Peaches, the old gal, really wants to just lay in my lap, and I can hold her tight, and she will just go to sleep. That's it, that's all she wants, plain and simple. The bond we share became all the more stronger last year after she had back surgery. I made sure I was there for her and I think she really appreciated that.
 Then we have the sweet Sandie-poo. Well, Miss Waggers loves life in general, and hugging, patting, rubbing, playing fetch until your sick of throwing the toy, it's all good. Oh, and dancing too. Loves to dance. I'm know to dance around the house when a good tune is playing and Sandie is my partner. She comes a running if I start to dance, and I swear she knows some of my favorite tunes to dance to
. Then there is Fooze, or Foozeball, or as I currently call him Mr. Foo. Fooze has always been a little off. We got him from the SPCA and his former life was not the best. So Fooze doesn't go for hugs. In fact, he sometime growls when he gets patted, even by me. He likes being patted, I think he's confused. Sometimes it seems like we're connected at the ankle by a chain, cause that's where he is. The other day he was overly concerned about me and insisted on following me up two flights of stairs more than once even though I was coming right back. I ended up carrying him down the stairs more than once that day.
Now I'm just saying there are a lot of exceptions here. Most animals, people, don't like to be restrained. Then there's a problem. But hugs by the right people they love. Certainly not strangers, many would have comfort issues with that. Well if you read this, you, yourself may have a dachshund, or at least a dog that needs hugging. No time like the present.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Miss Peaches turns Ten

My sweet Peaches has turned 10 this month. It seems not so long ago we brought her home, a scared little puppy terrified of everything, leaves blowing outside, men, my husband included. She got to spend time with our older standard wire haired dachshund Watson. He showed her the ropes and with a lot of loving she turned into quite the sweet dog, actually a tough little girl. She loves to hunt anything that moves, a great mouser and watch dog. She's funny, while the other dogs have to be told to stop licking you she is very stingy with the kisses and you feel special when she give s you a little peck. On rare occasions when she's excited she will jump on you and lick you like mad.
2015 was a tough year for the Peach, blew her back out in July, but she had surgery and has recovered almost completely. She does use her two back feet as if they were one when she runs, but she always did that a little before. Now it's science. She also got into an altercation with Sandie. A case of two over excited dogs. She ended up with an inch long laceration on one leg. Fortunately for us it was in a spot she couldn't lick so it healed up quick.
All these things have made me value her all the more and appreciate the time we have together. Dogs are with us for shorter times than we wish. Everyday I tell her I love her and give her lots of pats, belly rubs and chin scratches. As I do with all of my crew, they are certainly a big part of my life and I hope that Miss Peaches is with us for another 10 years.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Miss Peaches, At It Again

My sweet Peaches, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. I do love her terribly, which is a really good thing for her, because she has a tendency to get into trouble. Which usually ends up with me having to give her a bath and in this case clean up a big mess.
Now I know I started this, because I heard a mouse in the closet and I alerted her to this fact. So she has been rooting around in there the past couple of days. Well today, it took on epic proportions as she really decided to get to the root of the problem. That being a mouse in the wall of the closet. Miss Peachy being the dedicated mouser that she is took it up on herself to get to these critters and eradicate them. This required excavation. When I found her it was too late, she had ripped the wall open down to the stud. Oh my, well I was not pleased, the words "bad dog" were bandied about more than once as I got the shop vac out. I actually had to sweep up the big chunks so as not to clog the machine, then sucked up the rest. Plus what she had trailed around the house. Then it once again was time for the ever popular, unplanned, washing of the dachshund. Miss Peach is almost always in these episodes. One of the ways your day takes a left hand detour.
So here she is in the sink in the laundry room about to get another bath. Fortunately she cooperates pretty good. She is quite used to it. It was a little tough because I had to spray around her snout so much, but all went well.
Spaatz and Sandie stand by at my feet, always concerned about what's happening to one of their comrades. secretly hoping they weren't going to be next.
She's all clean again, ready to get into trouble at a moments notice. I have to keep the closet door closed. Now she's running amok, rolling on the dog beds to get dried off more. She hasn't lost a bit of spirit since her back surgery in July. Nope, not one bit.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mission Impossible

If you own a dachshund, or two, or more, you my find that what might be a simple everyday task may have a slight twist to it. There may be a dog in the middle of it. Oh, and they know how to be so cute and charming. You most likely will find them impossible to resist. Spaatz here, loves to "help" with the laundry folding. Especially if it's warm out of the dryer. Then he may settle down right on top of some freshly folded clothes. Why wait to put your clothes on to get dog hair on them? You can have it preapplied. I just made that word up.
Spaatz's main hobby is hunting, but he is never too busy to help with cooking of course. He loves to be on stand by in case something is dropped or if something needs taste testing. I once was at a get together where there were no dogs in residence, I looked down and there was quite a bit of food debris on the floor. I thought to myself if there were a couple of dachshunds here this place would be half cleaned up already.They may be hounds, but they're working dogs too.
Anyone who follows My Three Doxson's knows that Miss Peaches has been on the mend following major back surgery in July. She is continuing to do well and is adjusting to her new normal. While she is getting around great she is getting used to waiting to go up or down stairs or on furniture. She even "calls" me when she needs me. It's not a bark or a whine, it's more of a harrumph. That's a underused word, but she's always been a great communicator and had a way of speaking to me. I just have to figure out what she wants. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes not so much.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Peaches Report

Things are kinda back to a new normal. Miss Peaches is doing well after her back surgery. You may know she ruptured a disc on July 13th. We had to take her to a specialist in Yonkers. It really was one of those days, right down to the truck breaking down 2 miles from the vets, then several times on the way home after we dropped her off. When she came home I slept on the floor for 10 days until she got stronger. We tried the crate thing. No deal, cried ALL night. At least on the floor I got some sleep. Now Peaches is feeling a lot like her old self. Hunting is back on the activities list.
She seemed to feel that there were mice in the laundry room. I believe her completely. She has shown to be an expert mouser. She spent a good deal of time waiting for said mouse to show himself.
While today she had no trophy's to offer, it was a way to keep her out of trouble for a while. She really has her mind on much bigger quarry. There is a woodchuck which frequents our backyard that she really would like to tangle with. It is my job to make sure they never meet. We are still carrying her up and down for her own good, but when she's on the ground she can motivate.
I try to calm her down and tell her the critters are gone before I put her down. This seems to diffuse the excitement level. So she goes about and does her sniffing. She is walking pretty well now, but still has this swagger. Think John Wayne. Only time will tell if that will go away. So we're very happy she is doing well, getting stronger everyday, and continuing to brighten our lives.
Yep, it's officially the dog days of summer here, but then again, everyday is a dog day around here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Was Going to eat Lunch.... Then...

I was working outside, trying to keep my vegetable garden watered in this summer heat where it hasn't been raining hardly at all. I was planning to stop for lunch when my plans abruptly changed. All the dogs were inside except Sandie, who was sitting over be the wood pile they love to sniff around for chipmunks and other vermin.
I called Sandie to come in. I called her several times. She just sat there and looked at me. Offered her a biscuit, not moving. I went over, and as I picked her up I knew lunch was on hold. Her paws and face were caked with mud. It was once again time for The Ever Popular Unplanned Washing of the Dog. A feature of this blog for sure.
Miss Peaches is usually featured in anything about dog washing, but she is currently on the disabled list since her back surgery 2 weeks ago. While she is doing well, she is not quite up to her old tricks, which I have to remind her of constantly. She is getting used to me telling her to hold up so I can carry her in and out, up and down.
 So my wire haired girls are the usual culprits when it comes to digging and getting down and dirty. There are occasions when Spaatz gets in on the act. He is also one to roll in something that catches his nose. Much to my dismay. He originated the unplanned washing of the dachshund. Sometimes-we-just-call-him-stinky
Spaatz, bright and shiny again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Drabble , and the Miss Peaches Update

Sometimes it seems like this is exactly what's going on at my house. Sandie in particular is guilty of this. I tell her no barking, reassure her that there is no one here or that it's Dad about to come in. They know the sound of his truck, It's a diesel. I know they hear him coming down the road before I do. They start barking early, then I realize they heard it a half mile a way.
Then the crazy thing is later, you can be calling them to come in over and over and they really do not seem to hear you. They look up finally as if to say "oh, did you say something?" "Let me just sniff this blade of grass for another minute and I'll be right with you." Good thing they're sweet and cute and loving and all that stuff or there might be a problem.
Miss Peaches is doing really well since her back surgery, she can be the champ of not listening, but she's not the biggest barker. Now the challenge is to keep her from doing too much now that she is feeling better. I have taken up sleeping on the floor so that she is safe. She has been sleeping with people since she was a pup and is not doing the crate thing at night. So I will get down to her level. The tough part is making the floor not feel like the floor.