My Three Doxsons

My Three Doxsons
Spaatz, Miss Peaches and Foozer

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Family Milestone: Miss Peaches turns 14

Miss Peaches has turned 14! This is truly a major milestone in our family. We have had many dogs over the years, some mutts, a doberman, a lab and several dachshunds. She's the first to make it past 13. Happy birthday Peachy, Peachypoo, Poohey, Pooh-bear, Booboo, Booface.
Our current crew can all be considered seniors. Spaatz and Sandie will be 10 this year, although they still seem like dogs in their prime. Spaatz the mighty hunter, Sandie tries but her goofiness makes her not quite the hunter he is. They are all great dogs with different doxie personalities.
Miss Peaches has gotten pretty persnickety in her old age. She wants, what she wants, when she wants it. She will definitely let me know when she wants something. Usually it's about food, but it might be to be put up on the couch, despite there being doggie stairs available. She also lets me know when she wants to go in or out. That may be a subtle grumble so you have to pay attention.
The communication is usually in the form of loud barking. If she wants dinner, she will come and find me and bark in a pretty forcefully. Her stomach clock tends to run a little fast. If I tell her "it's too early" while she doesn't understand what I'm saying, she gets that she's not getting food right now.
The old gal has plenty of spirit when she's awake. I love when she gets up off the couch in the morning and goes in the crate in the kitchen and snuggles down in the comfy dog bed like it's her day job. Happy birthday sweet Peachy, may you have many more!!

Monday, March 2, 2020

My Sweet Spaatz in Trouble

Spaatz, who is my personal sweetheart of a dog has come down with a scary and disturbing problem. A few days ago he started wobbling like a drunk, having a hard time standing and his head wobbling back and forth when he's sitting or laying down.

I have taken him to the vet, had blood work, stool sample, X-ray done. While he tested positive for Lyme, and we started Doxycyline, the titer has come out lower than what warrants continued treatment with that. He's also on an anti-inflammatory and Gabepentin. He seems to have gotten a little better, so I'm not sure what is helping. Or is part of it that he coping better. He pretty quickly figured out to steady himself on an object or another dog, or to just lay down which stops the movement.
I won't lie. This has been affecting me profoundly. This guy is my rock. 100%, always there for me. I love the other dogs, but Spaatz has decided to devote himself to me above and beyond Sandie, Peach and Fooze.
Miss Peachy, we have a long history together and share some different bonds than most people have with their dogs. Like we have both visited each other in the hospital while the other was paralyzed and been there for each other during recovery. She is my older gal who sleeps a lot and comes out when she wants something.
Sandie is my husbands dog. She is very sweet, silly and loving to me, but Jerry is her person. She waits for him to come home every night. Everyone loves Sandie, but she has her favorite.
Foozeball, Mr. Foo as I call him is a handsome old guy but he's just that guy. Every group has one, and he's it. He's gonna be 13 real soon, pretty much lost his hearing, so that makes communication just a little more difficult. He is learning some hand signals though.
I was really worked up about this problem with Spaatz though, very worried. We can't afford some crazy surgery or something like that. But does this really warrant that? He is seeming a little better. He otherwise is himself. Happy, following me everywhere. Still wants to play with toys, chase squirrels (which has been discouraged) and is not hurting. He getting around well. I feel better now with the signs of improvement and knowing that he's not going anywhere.

Monday, June 3, 2019

The Vigil

Just about everyday there is the event known as the "The Vigil". Suppertime is at five, so the vigil usually starts at four, but could be as early as three. It depends on how much their tummies are grumbling
Most of the time during the day if I'm home they're close by, but when the vigil starts I find myself alone, and I know it has commenced. It's best not to pay them too much attention or they will start platooning for an early dinner. You may know what that's like.
Those big puppy eyes, pleading with you. Perhaps the clock is incorrect! It must of stopped! We definitely know when it's time to eat. It must be time for chow!

I simply tell them that "it's too early", and while I'm sure I may sound like the teacher talking in a Peanut's cartoon. They seem to understand that translates into "your not getting food right now"
Much to their dismay they will settle down again, and commence will the vigil once more until the glad news that dinnertime is finally here, and they must wait no longer.
Then the next thing you know they're all sacked out without a care in the world. All that angst solved by a little cup o' chow.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Tag Team the Dachshunds

We actually went on a vacation a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing adventure to Nicaragua for our son's wedding to a wonderful girl. Her mom is from Nicaragua and the family was incredibly warm and took care of everything, which we can't thank them enough for. It was wonderful.
The trick was putting together a crew of people to stop in and let the dogs out at different times and feed them, I even left a photo so they could know who's who. Miss Peachy and Sandie being the most difficult to keep straight. They're so close in color even we can mistake them on a quick glance.
I'm glad to say they made it through the week, we could tell they were a little stressed by having their routine changed and not having us around for sure, but at least they got to stay at home together.
So now all is back to normal, everything is right in the world again for My Three Doxsons.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Senior Dachshund Milestones

April is a big month, here in the land of My Three Doxsons. Miss Peaches turns 13, and Foozeball is officially 12. They are known as the"old dogs", while Sandie and Spaatz will be 9 this year
Sandie, Miss Peaches, Spaatz and Foozeball
I must say, 9 years old hardly seems like a youngster, but Sandie and Spaatz really seem like they are maybe 6 or 7. Still very active, still giving the squirrels a run for their money.The above photo shows the dogs before I gave them a little birthday treat. I realized as I was attempting to break this dog cookie up that it was very hard. Fooze had a hard time with it because he is deficient in the tooth department. Took him about 40 minutes to finish eating it, but he was a happy boy..
Fooze does live to lay in the sun. This is his favorite place to be. Dogs look so happy when they're sleeping, and at the age of 12 sleeping is his major occupation. But on to Miss Peaches.

Miss Peaches turning 13 is a huge deal because over the years we have had many a dog, I will include my in-laws dogs because we lived next door for 18 years. All of the dogs lived to be 13. Our goal is for Peachy to be the first one to make it to 14 and beyond! She made it through major back surgery a few years back and we're hoping she has a few more in her.
Unfortunately she is a little under the weather right now. She has injured her front leg. I am at the "wait and see" stage. Usually this happens when she forgets her advanced age and goes barreling down the ramp like she's going to catch a squirrel with the "young" dogs. I'll give her till tomorrow to get back to her old self, if not, it's off to the vet. For now I'm doing extra dog carrying.
Soon, I know I will be running a senior home for dachshunds. I'm halfway there now, but we will do our best to take good care of the old dogs, and Spaatz and Sandiepoo will be keeping the energy high here for now in the land of "My Three Doxsons.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Good thing we're the same size

Spaatz, my black and tan, one blue eyed dachshund is a bit of a cross-dresser. Particularly my workout clothes, or even better, something I've been wearing while working in the garden for a few hours on a hot day. That's the best.
It's funny sometimes when I hop in the shower, then I'll hear someone out in the room, so I'll take a peek to see who it is. I mean I know it's a dog, just checking to see which one. Often it is 'Ole Blue eye tangled in my clothing. Seems like a weird moment for him as he tries to free himself.
 None of the other dogs have this desire to become one with the laundry before it's washed. Now after it's washed and dried, that's another story. Warm out of the dryer, everybody is huddling up on that stuff.
 I wouldn't say it's just my stuff, my husband can bring home some pretty special articles to roll in  too. Spaatz likes to wear our shoes as well, just on his head.
We had a standard wire hair some years ago now, he was very fond of shoes. I'm not sure how many other dogs that aren't scent hounds as dachshunds are into stinky clothing, but some of them just LOVE it. I always said the best place to hide money in the house was in your shoe because Watson took the guarding of shoes pretty seriously. He would even guard the shoes of people staying at our house from their own shoes. He wouldn't ever really harm anyone, but he put on a good show, and it was kind of amusing.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Waited too Long

Yes, I'm afraid I waited too long to do the Sandiepoo maintenance shave. I try to keep Sandie trimmed up, because the next thing you know she is doing her impression of a dust mop. O' Cedar I say. A cute dust mop, but a dust mop just the same.
The real issue here is that her fur is terribly fine and when its long it gets matted. All I have to do is get the brush out and she's headed for the hills. Or in actuality, under my bed.
She's not coming out of there unless there is a food bribe involved. So I have found that the better way to handle this is to keep her trimmed up. She is pretty well behaved for the shaving process.
I didn't get to it like I should because, well, it was very cold out, so I delayed. The next thing you know is, wow, that's a lot of fur. I do put a sweater on her to keep her warm, but I delayed and here we are again with a very fuzzy dog. Even if I don't do the whole dog I will "trim her nose hairs" because fur grows towards her pretty eyes.
I don't know if it drives her crazy, it makes me crazy to have her fur pointing at her eyes. The good news is that Spring has sprung so the cold days will be going away, and the dachshunds will once again be soaking up the sunshine as they love to do, and Sandie wont' be so fuzzy wuzzy.
Sandipoo in the pinks.