Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dachshunds Can Make Laundry More Fun!

Spaatz in particular loves when I do laundry. He will follow me into my room when I'm carrying the basket. Today I did him a big favor and just dumped it on top of him. He got busy snuggling in.

Then as I fold the clothes the pile starts to dwindle a bit and I kinda feel bad because he is so content.

The good news is that his tummy is now more accessible for belly rubs. So the second part of this operation has it's benefits too. This also makes the job of laundry folding take much longer because he is irresistible. He knows this, counts on it, and I am defenseless in the face of such handsomeness.
There are not a whole lot of household chores that a dachshund can actively get involved in, but laundry must be top of the list. Oh, maybe the dishes,vacuuming, on the other hand is something completely different, there seems to be a complex dynamic of desires for them, between not liking the machine and it's noise and their need to be close to me at all times. But that's another story.

Rest assured that having Spaatz there to "help" IS help because his participation makes it more fun. Laundry folding has a fun factor of zero, so any help is a big improvement.

Happy Holidays to everyone out in dachshund land!!