Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Big April Dachshund Birthday Party

April is a big month here for dachshund birthdays. We know that Peaches,  birthday is on the second of April. Foozie, we know from the records we got from the SPCA when we got him that he was also born in April, but not the day. April fool's day seemed totally appropriate for him. Peachy just turned 9 and Fooze is 8. Getting a little grey around the muzzle both of them.
So I went all out and made them a cake, I had hoped I could get a nice photo op with them all sitting at the table waiting for cake. Not happening. This is the best I could do. On the floor with Miss Peaches testing the icing. This is a dog cake recipe, with shredded carrots and peanut butter, no sugar. The icing is a fat free cream cheese with a smidge of honey. Actually not bad. The cake is bland as dirt, but all doggie friendly ingredients.
Yesterday was all about making special things for the dogs. Not only did I make the cake but their favorite dog food too. I recently started making them dog food from scratch. It's from Dr Fox, who is a vet with a weekly column in the newspaper. All healthy stuff for the dogs. I must say their coats have taken on a noticeable luster. Especially Spaatz. Soo smooth and shiny. I started with ground venison this time. You can use chicken or beef. Best thing is they LOVE it. They go ape-shit at supper time. The thing is it calls for spirulina, which is a blue-green algae supplement full of protein, vitamins and minerals. That's great, but it turns the food green. Real green.
I freeze portions and take them out as needed 
Fortunately the dogs don't care. There's also brown rice and bits of chopped apple and blueberries. There are other options like sweet potatoes, it depends on what I have on hand. My sister asked if I tasted it, nope, you lose me at the spirulina. Although it's probably healthy for anyone.
Peachy, being the girl that she is, was finding the dessert was not too bad either. Well, I didn't get that perfect photo with the dogs with party hats on, sitting in front of the cake whilst they wait for happy birthday to be sung before they "woof" down the cake. They were very happy, I gave them each a sliver. Seems to be sleep inducing, everyone is napping now. No one begging to sit on my lap. Anyone interested in spoiling your dogs rotten by making the homemade dog food can find the recipe here.