Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Dachshund Friends

Sandie and Spaatz
Spaatz has a new friend in Miss Sandie. While Miss Peachy and Foozie are his close buds, they are a little older and not quite up to the lightning speeds Spaatz is capable of. Enter Miss Sandra D (dogger). Not only can she keep up I think she may be faster. She is about 3 years old like Spaatz. They love to wrestle and play and run around the house at high speed. Occasionally Foozie will join in who will be 7 next April. Peachy, who is soon to be 8 can't be bothered in participating in the melee. Although she will participate in hunting in the backyard. The team of Spaatz and Sandie with Peach an Fooze for backup there may be some unhappy critters out there this spring.
Dachshund Team 4

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dachshund or Angry Beaver?

I don't know,what do you think? There are those who think that Little Sandie, Sandra Dee here actually looks a bit like Norbert from the Angry Beavers cartoon. I must say at times there is a striking resemblance. Sometimes we call her Norbie Girl. She's not angry by any means though, in fact she's one of the happiest little dogs I know. Maybe its because we rescued her from the lady with the 15 cats, and now she has dachshund friends to play with and lots of good vittles.Whatever the reason were glad she's here, she's sweet and funny and a great addition to the pack.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sandie has been assimilated

Resistance was futile.I knew it was only a matter of time before Sandie was assimilated into the group. There was never any serious confrontations, part of it is when she felt comfortable with every one. The official sign was when she felt like she could sleep in the pile with everyone else. She is a very happy energetic girl. She can keep up with Spaatz, and that is great for him, but she also plays with Foozie, and that is making him act younger than his 7 years. Miss Peaches is still the boss around here, so she just lets everyone know that in no uncertain terms every once in awhile. Nothing rough, just make no mistakes about it, in case anyone was wondering.

    Miss Peaches------>
      Miss Sandie ----->
Miss Sandie


Monday, December 2, 2013

Have a Wienerful Christmas!

Yes, I saw this inflatable dachshund Christmas decoration and decided that I must have it. Seems there is a number of dachshund items to decorate your home with this holiday season. There going fast, so don't delay.
This pillow was essential too. I'm glad I didn't hesitate on this one. Another lady was looking for it soon after I picked it up. Oh no, Its mine! Ha ha. We chatted up our dachshunds, she had two, while I'm up to four. Showed each other photos on our phones, she'll just have to order the pillow. My sister was sweet enough to give it to me for an early gift. Otherwise I would have to buy it myself. While I don't usually pick up all dachshund merchandise, there is a lot out there These were a couple I really liked.
Here is the gang from last year, I will have to work on a new photo for this year that will include Miss Sandie
Have a good holiday season!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And The Their Were Four

Miss Sandie joins the group
Stop the world I want to get off! Wow, this little video brought to you by my new phone makes one feel like there is either an earthquake going on or we're on a boat. It's not so bad that  the dogs a moving, but everything is moving. I'm sorry if you look away and everything is still moving. 
Anyway, looks like Sandie is going to stay, I won't be changing the name of the blog, but she will be featured regular as Spaatz, Foozeball and Miss Peaches are. She has several things going for her. First, she is a wire hair, which I find unbearably cute. She's actually half long hair, so the fur on her ears and tail are extra long. That's cool. She listens really well, which for a dachshund is great. In less than a week she is able to do things that Rango (another dachshund we fostered) couldn't do after 2 months. I just see a lot of potential with her. I think she will be an awesome addition to the pack, she's a happy, fun lovin dog.

What a face!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life is Good- for dachshunds

Wouldn't be nice for your list of needs to be so short and yet fulfilled. Dogs don't need a whole lot, but its nice to be able to make them happy so easily. I took the gang for a walk, then I gave them some bones that had been cooked up just for them. They went their separate ways and had at them. I was thinking as I had my lunch that nap time would be upon them soon. Little Miss Sandie laid behind me on the chair, I scratched her head for her. I soon realized her head was swaying freely as I rubbed her and it dangled off the side of the chair. She was totally zonked out. Not a care in the world. Little walkies, little snackie, and so sleepy.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Grillin the Weenies

It was pointed out to me I didn't mention the cool dachshund fire pit that my husband and I whipped up. We like to have fires outside no matter the weather. I drew him some stencils, he cut up an old water tank in half and did the cut-outs with a plasma cutter. We can have a nice fire and cook up some burgers and dogs if we want, our old grill and top fits perfect. We are pretty pleased.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Meet Sandie

Sandie- Wire hair, long hair mix
This little fluffy pup is now known as Sandie. She was owned by a lady with 7 cats and 8 kittens and another dachshund that bites everyone. Basically a cat lady with a couple of unhappy dachshunds. My husband, the local dog warden was at the SPCA and met this lady, the topic of dachshunds came up and she said she was thinking of getting rid of at least one of the dogs. When we met the dog she barked incessantly. I'm thinkin this is not going to work. The lady had been unable to house train the dogs, that wasn't what I was worried about, but if I couldn't touch her and all she did was bark that was a problem. So we took her in the backyard to meet Miss Peaches who we had brought with us. She's the alpha female, but no fireworks erupted. Then we put a leash on Sandie and she suddenly calmed down and became my dog, friendly, climbing up my leg, wanting so much to lick me. Okay, maybe there's a chance. So we brought her home and she's getting along with everyone. She loves to fetch the ball and is giving Spaatz a run for his money. House training is going well and I've found her to be a really happy, loving dog. She's officially a foster here now, we'll see. She's in desperate need of groceries, I can feel every bone in her body. I think she'll be about the size of the boys when we get her back to health. Dachshund's just need people who understand them.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Three Doxson's- Florida Style

Olivia, Lorelei, Rupert
Usually, I am in my home state of New York and have my constant companions, My Three Doxson's Peaches, Spaatz and Foozie. I was down south last week, in Florida to see my son on his birthday, but I did spend most of my time with my daughter. I didn't have to go through wiener dog withdrawal  while I was away because she has 3 of them too. She has 2 long hairs and one smoothie (who is Spaatz"s sister). I have 2 smoothies and a wire hair. So it was nice, I still had dogs on my lap and plenty of kisses coming my way. I did still miss the gang at home, but having these guys around made it much much easier.
My Three Doxson's - Southern Division

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dachshund- The heat seeking missle

They're long and lean with a pointy nose and a tail that helps them course through the table and chair legs on their way to the nearest dog bed that happens to be in the sunshine. I have several placed around the house so as the day goes on there is usually a bed strategically placed so they can lay in the warm sun. As we move into the winter months here in NY they really are seeking the warmth. These guys are spoiled though, not only do they have a fleecie, pressure sensitive, heated dog bed, but I make the point of moving it for them as the sun passes through the sky. Foozie is the #1 sun bather, he'll lay on the hot back top on a summer day. Spaatz loves the sun, but being under a blanket works just as well for him. The Peach, she loves the sun, but that wire hair coat makes her get too warm, so in warmer months she'll hang in the shade where the boys can stay in the sun. Stay warm my friends.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ode to the Hunting Dog

Chipmunk's you must beware
for the dachshund's, they are here
by the window they do stare
while you might think
you haven't a care
but to have their way
you won't be spared
When you come out to feed
and in all your greed
packing your cheeks 
with all the bird seed.
Then the alarm does sound
someone's released the hounds
out in the yard, they do bound
Scurry and scatter
mad as a hatter
dachshunds on a mission
That's the matter
But with speed on your side 
your chance to hide
into the stonewall you did slide
for tomorrow's another day
as the dachshund's say
just be sure you don't 
get in our way

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dachshund volunteers for a bath

Miss Peaches does have quite the history of getting not just a little dirty, but off the charts dirty. She is always up to the same thing, looking for small woodland creatures. She hasn't got one yet, but that doesn't make her any less determined. So she has had to endure many of the ever-popular unplanned washing of the dog. In fact this week she had to get two baths. She is usually well behaved in the sink, but yesterday she did something unusual. She actually went into the laundry room and stood in front of the sink, instead of hiding. Actually accepting the consequences for going in the pond again on our walk. We were so impressed she got a treat. Not bad for a naughty little doggie.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Most Recognizable Breed: The Dachshund

The Dachshund is said, and I believe, the most easily recognizable breed. Now not everyone will know the name dachshund, but they will certainly know one of the nicknames that the dachshund goes by.
Even little kids know a hot dog when they see one. Or the ever popular wiener dog. They're half a dog tall and a dog and half long. Other breeds might be long and low, but they don't possess the pencil schnozz, the piercing eyes and the fun loving nature of the dachshund. They are the ultimate lap dog yet they are ready for action at a moments notice. They always call "shotgun" when it comes to going for a ride.
  Now Miss Peaches does tend to confuse people a bit , but believe you me she is all dachshund. She can't quite turn off the hunting mode. The hairdo of the wire hair makes people unsure, if they only knew wire hairs are awesome. I love my smoothie boys, but I've had 2 wire hairs and they are so sweet and FLUFFY.
Thought I'd throw in the long hair we fostered- Rango

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dachshund Bedtime Story

The day had gotten long
The hour for me to sleep
On to the snoozestand I did creep
I brushed and I washed
I might have even flossed
On with my jammies
I did toss
I sauntered to the bed
though not with dread
Someone here before me
had gotten instead. 
Big lumps in the bed, I did see
Pulled back the covers
It's my dachshunds three
Spaatz and Peachy
Mr Foozeball too
No room for me
Now what am I to do?
Move over sweet dogs!
I know that your little 
but I've got a space 
and it's called the middle
 Spaatz by my heart 
Fooze by my knees
Peach by my ankles
if you please
Settle down my puppies
for the hour is nigh
and we all went to sleep with one last sigh

Thursday, October 17, 2013

For Dachtober, I give you The Scary Peach

Miss Peaches, as intimidating as a marshmallow. She does give it a good dachshund try, but the truth be known she's just a big love muffin. Sweet and fluffy, hard to resist. A little good lighting and a flash of the teeth, she's doing her best werewolf impression. She can have the tough girl persona, but if a big leaf fell out of the sky and hit her in the butt she'd jump like a grasshopper and high tail it for home. She gets spooked like a kid on Halloween when the great pumpkin actually does show up at midnight. My scaredy dog.
Miss Peaches, the not so scary wire hair dachshund

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pack Of Hot Dogs

My package of Hot Dogs
My personal pack of Hot Dogs contains only three, but it is a variety pack. Miss Peaches being the red wire hair, Spaatz, the black and tan one blue eyed dapple, and last but not least Foozie, the classic red short hair. I used to believe that the black and tan was the "classic" dachshund look, but I think the red is the coat style that I actually see the most of. There are so many coat colors and combinations of fur types you can get, its almost endless, and although their personalities are definitely different from one dachshund to the next they really have similarities that no matter what they look like they all possess. They are probably the most adept dogs at comedy than any other I've know. They're terribly sweet, if they like you and maybe not so much if they don't . Great cuddlers, all three of mine will try to out do each other in the competition to curl up on my lap. Brave to the point of stupidity, and terribly stubborn, but it makes you love them all the more.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dachshund battles cat in Street Fighter Remix

Every once in a while I like to share something Dachshundy that I find or is sent to me. This funny video by Danny Vega will be appreciated by gamers and dachshund lovers. The sound effects are what makes it for me. I played videos when Pac man, Donkey Kong and Asteroids were king, but I remember my kids playing games like Street Fighter. Enjoy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Doggie Bag

We got this little bag in the mail, one of those free give a way things with a subscription to Field & Stream magazine. My husband, Jerry asked what it was for, and after giving it the once over decided it would be a good doggie bag. Having a few dogs handy for a test ride, although Miss Peaches was the only one really willing to get in. Not too bad she said.
Le Doggie Bag
If you have read this blog before you may remember a mention of a serious illness I had a few years back. I credit My Three Doxson's with a major part of my recovery. Anyway, this is where the doggie bag comes in. I was in the hospital for a couple of months, I had GBS, on a respirator, paralyzed, feeding tube, lots of wires, bells and whistles. One day my daughter managed to get Miss Peachy up to my room for a visit. I was so surprised, Peach was a little nervous, like she knew she was part of a conspiracy. She was in one of those fashionable doggie bags, but ducked down inside. So much for security at the hospital. I always get a kick out of old movies where people roam around freely in the halls and the doctors smoke in your room. It was nice to see Miss Peachy, I hadn't seen any of the dogs in weeks, and wouldn't see them again for a few more.
On call, 24/7
After modeling the bag for us, and having her picture taken, Jerry put her down on the floor to let her out. She just sat there, it seems it was kinda cozy in there, and we all know dachshunds are professionals when it comes to being cozy. We tried to convince the boys to take a try. They said "no way" their only interest in doggie bags are what comes out of them, not getting into them.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dachshund 3 Alarm Car Security System

3 alarm auto security system
We were at an antique engine and tractor show over the weekend where we had the chance to sell old tools and car parts and vintage hot rod magazines. It was fun and we did really well. My Three Doxson's had to spend a lot of time in the truck. Not to worry, it was parked right behind our set-up under a big ole maple tree with all the windows down. Temps were in the low 70's all weekend. We took them out for walkies so they could stretch their legs. They liked to sit and watch all the activity, and needless to say there was a fair amount of barking. Especially when other dogs happen to go by. They would settle down at times for a little siesta. Then when people might get a little too close to the truck for their liking they would pop up and start barking. I explained this was just the car alarm going off and that you didn't actually have to touch the truck, but get within 10 feet would set it off. They startled quite a few people, but everyone found humor with the three alarm security system.
Happy at home

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dachshund- Black Belt Cuddler

Might as well give in now
Dachshunds are black belts when it comes to being cuddlers. You might as well give in to them. They'll take you down and you won't want to get up. They're the perfect size, not so big that they would squish you, and not so small you might squish them. Spaatz likes to curl up right in front of me with his head on my shoulder. Then he'll let out a big sigh, which will make me smile. Wherever he is, he must be under the covers, even in summer, and he will give me "the face" until I cover him up. Foozy likes to be by my legs, but if we're watching TV he will perch himself on my shoulder. Miss Peaches tends to get warm with her wire hair and will often be on top of any blankets, pining me down. There you have it, I have been completely disarmed and at their mercy. I don't mind, warning: it is always best to hit the bathroom, get a drink, snacks, phones, remote controls, magazines, tissues, note pad, pen, before sitting down with dachshunds. You may be there for a while.
Foozie on my shoulder

Monday, September 23, 2013

Before you name your dog Max - think about it

If for no other reason, than to save confusion at the vets office, give a little more consideration to naming your precious new friend. I know a lot of people won't like this  (because they already named their dog Max), but every time I read a story about someones cute, amazing dog, he's called Max. We like to spend a few days with our new pups and a name usually just happens. Spaatz here, we were thinking something German, and well my last name lent its way to naming him after a WWII general from the American side.
 Foozeball describes our red dachshund to a T, when we first got him. If you are familiar with the game with the little ball that zings around. I know its spelled wrong.
 Miss Peaches was originally my daughters dog, I knew when we brought the dog home she would name her Pumpkin or Peaches. Peaches it was. When we got her spade, my husband went to pick her up. There were 2 dogs with the same name who were spade the day before. They asked which one was ours. My husband said "whichever is the peachiest" They got it right.The only exception to this formula was Watson. I had decided that I wanted a wire hair dachshund and I would name him Watson. It took 3 years for that to happen, but when it did, it was right.
Peaches and Foozeball
It's not that Max isn't a perfectly good name for a dog, but it gets to a point when you think, wow, you really mulled over that one for a while. I guess I like a little uniqueness. Like if my last name was Smith, I wouldn't name my kid John. It may only take a couple of extra minutes to think of something just a little different, just a little special, like I'm sure you think your dog is.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cloudy With A Chance of Dachshunds 2

So you wake up, and apparently the sun is hiding behind the clouds, because its not as bright as it would be ordinarily in your room. It's feeling particularly cozy because your dachshund(s) are all snuggled up on top of you. Your thinking, we're all so comfortable here and the sun's not even out, why spoil it, at least for a few more minutes. It's kind of the opposite of a snooze alarm, if you let yourself go back to sleep, it might be another hour before anyone might feel like moving. Maybe the sun will be out then too!
It's okay, I didn't need to get up just yet.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dachshund Hits the Brakes

I am thinking that this same occurrence must have happened to other dachshund owners. We're out for a walk, then all of the sudden, your arm holding the leash is whipped back and your coming to a stop. Or nearly to a stop. It depends on the size of the dachshund or just how much they want to stop. My first dachshund, Watson, a big standard, when he wanted to stop, you were most likely going to stop. All my current dogs are minis, and although they're small, when they stop and dig in its kinda like a sea anchor, definitely slows things down. Now they probably just want to sniff something or pee on a particular blade of grass, at some point I have to get a little stern with them and say "let's go". As long as a certain amount of important business has been taken care of we are out here for a walk not a snifforama. There are just so many trees and lumps of dirt one needs to stop at and then your when dry your dry. Did someone say exercise?
Larger groups seem to keep moving along, maybe a competitive thing.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dachshund featured in AKC family Dog Issue

AKC Family Dog is a neat magazine for dog lovers and this month features a cover and article about the mighty dachshund. I really enjoyed the article because the description of my favorite dog is spot on. Check it out. Link is below.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Can You Read This Dachshund's Mind?

Spaatz's expressive little face is clearly saying to me anyway " Mommy, I need my corduroy moose toy very, very bad, right now. Would you please, please get it for me now or I will jump over there to get it and crash and maybe hurt myself." That may seem like a lot for a facial expression, but take my word for it, that is definitely what he is thinking. He is also standing on the arm of a sofa, calculating his trajectory to the little table that will not hold him. So to prevent my foolhardy little dachshund from making a big mistake, I will quickly take his photo, get his toy for him, and send him happily squeaking on his way.
Whatever he needs, its always very important.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Got Dachshunds? Sleep with your mouth closed!

I don't think my dogs would do this or that I could possibly be this sound asleep, but just beware, keep your mouth closed when you sleep or you my get some nocturnal teeth cleaning.

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

She's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

Miss Peaches and Spaatz
It can only mean that summer is winding down. I almost trimmed Miss Peaches again, but I held off and she is getting her fluffy wire haired coat back. I love it! It's not quite back to it's full glory, but soon she will be ready to face any weather a north eastern winter can throw at her. She loves to run around in the snow and stuff her head in the snow bank hoping there might be a critter there. Enough about snow, not in a hurry for that, but I do really like the fall. It's so pretty and the humid weather is gone, and that is OK with me. My Three Doxson's will be out for plenty of walks especially now that we don't have to worry about the heat. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, it's better for Peachy, she gets so worked up before we even go for a walk that she get's real hot in the summer. Gotta go for a walk now.
Shaved Peach