Saturday, February 25, 2012

Foozeball The Red

I thought today I would just mention Foozeball, who is a really sweet dog. We got him from the SPCA. My husband Jerry who has been the Dog Control Officer for our town for 10 years now was bringing strays to the SPCA at the time and they had acquired a red doxie named Georgie. They held it for him because we were Dachshund people. At the time we had Watson and Peaches. He said he wasn't even going to look at it. Then there came a day when he had to bring a stray up there and of course he looked at the dog. Then he brought him home for me to meet him. Well that was it, he never went back. He was a crazy pup when he arrived. We were discussing names, I thought something to go with Watson, maybe Sherlock or Hudson. Marlena, being the teenager she was said that was stupid and we should think of something else. I said as this dog was running around the house like crazy,"then why don't we call him Foozeball because that's what he's like". That was it, no more suggestions needed. I spell it differently because thats just me. He has many nicknames, Fooze, Foozer, Foozy-B, Foober, Foob, Foo, B, he comes to them all. He was so crazy when we got him, especially when Peachy was in heat and he wasn't fixed yet. It was averted, but she did have a false pregnancy where her breasts got bigger. We were worried, but nothing happened. Everyone has since been fixed. Now Fooze is the best behaved of the three, always first back to the house, great on a walk, which gives me hope for Spaatz as he matures. He's still an instigator with the barking, but all around a great boy.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Royal Protector of Shoes

Watson had this thing about shoes. He really liked them a lot. I sure it has to do with smell, but one thing for sure it was a job that he took very seriously. He would guard our shoes, he would sleep on top of our shoes and if anyone got close he would growl earnestly. I mean I could get my shoes from him, but anyone else but us, forget it. I always said that we should hide the valuables in our shoes because Watson was vigilant about the shoes.  
We used to visit my parents on Cape Cod often. One day Jerry and I were out and my parents were going to go for a walk. Upon going to the closet to get their shoes a growling noise emanated from inside. This growling would only increase with any attempt to remove shoes from the closet.Fortunately mom and dad knew of Watson's quirk and found this kind of amusing. They would just go for a walk later. They were dog lovers too. I honestly don't think Watson would hurt anyone, but he put on a good show. He had found a job he thought needed doing, he was self employed.                       

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post Muskrat Showdown

So the dogs are healing well since the Muskrat Showdown. I am very happy about this, don't need anymore vet bills. Foozeball's back also seems to be improving, that's a huge relief. I told my daughter, sister and mother the tale. My Mom said " I hope they learned something from this". I said "yeah, that sure was heck of a lot of fun, can we do it again tommorow". The one photo shows the two wounded hunters looking for the next critter. I am sure glad Jerry was home to dispatch the muskrat, it would have been a little rough for me to do. I can kill bugs easily enough, but when you start to increase in size and add fur I get out of my element. I can bake a pie or decorate a cake without looking. I make or create, not destoy. If it meant my dogs safety I would find a way. Think mother bear.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Three Doxsons Take on Muskrat

Well, what was just supposed to be a lazy Sunday morning got rather crazy. I was sitting at the desk reading the comics on-line as I do everyday when the dogs started raising a ruckus. I let them out, its usually about the birds, or occasionally there might be a squirrel to chase. They might tree a squirrel, but Spaatz doesn't understand he's not a bird dog. Today they ran out way into the backyard as usual but there was a pretty good size critter in the thicket on the edge of the property. It looked like a big rat. Foozer hadn't run as far and was doing some business by a birdhouse in the neighboring field. That's when the critter picked the poor timing to come out. Fooze spotted him and sent out the alarm, the critter ran back into the thicket, Spaatz came a running and then Miss Peaches and it as getting really crazy in the thicket and I ran to get my husband and I told him the dogs had what I thought was a big rat in the thicket cornered. He grabbed the pellet gun and went out. I turned the stove off. The 3 dogs had what Jerry said was a muskrat cornered in this heavy vined brush. Fortunately no leaves. It was a very tense situation, barking, yelping, I suppose the muskrat may have been crying out too. Jerry was able to get a pellet off, it wounded him, but the Peach wanted to finish him off and the melee' continued. The 2nd shot finished him, Peaches made sure he was done. We managed to get them to stand down now, Jerry grabbed the body and I got the dogs inside. I wanted to wash Peach immediately as she had what I thought was muskrat blood on her face.( I've had to do this task with Watson), unfortunately she didn't stay where I left her and proceeded to go in my room and get blood on the couch and on some pillows.Then my daughter called, I wanted to talk to her, but this was a really bad time and I would call back. I then got Peaches in the shower and her feet were all muddy, but the blood on her face wouldn't stop. That's when I realized she was wounded. Big puncture in her snout. We washed her with antibacterial soap and doused it with peroxide. Later when she was dry and calmed down Jerry put some ointment on it. We're not worried about rabies, they all had their shots this past fall, but some other infection. Plan to keep close eye on it, may call vet Monday. Realize later that Spaatz also had bite in his face too, there wasn't any blood although it was kinda deep. He really doesn't seem bothered by it. Peachy has it a little worse, some swelling. So they had their excitement for the day, and after the mess was cleaned up we had breakfast.