Friday, December 8, 2017

Making a long road trip with the dachshunds much better.

We went to Florida for Thanksgiving to see our loved ones. We brought along our best friends Spaatz, Peaches, Sandie and Foozeball. Roughly a 1200 mile trip each way.
For the most part, they slept the whole way. Which is amazing when they sleep all day, then sleep when we get to our destination. When we slow down a bit is when they wake up and think we've arrived somewhere. We did make many pit stop for walkies and water.
We have made this trek at least 4 times now and I must say it is a challenge to travel with dogs.  Especially when you have 4 of them. We have resorted to finding a hotel that will accept dogs and only admitting to 2 of them and sneaking the other 2 in the side door. Some places will charge you per dog. Now mind you, no one has ever barked or had an accident, so there are no problems.
Still it can be stressful to have to find a place to stay for our half way stop. Now this isn't for everyone, but since we are long time campers it was a natural solution. I found a really nice camping cabin, there are actually many to choose from, in North Carolina. Very reasonable and they didn't even charge for the dogs.
The one we stayed in on the way back had everything we needed including towels, bedding and a bathroom. In fact, the place was quite new and really solved this problem for us.
So we made it back in one piece and the Christmas crunch is in full swing, although nothing really changes for the dogs. They are very adaptable as long as they have a comfy spot to lay down.
They do get a little anxious when I'm going in and out of the house putting up my outside decorations
It makes them nervous that I'm packing the car to go on a long trip.