Friday, April 6, 2012

Foozie Turns Five!!

Mr Foozie turns 5. He's a really sweet dog, who started out as such a crazy boy. We got him from the SPCA. He really didn't like to be patted much when we got him, especially his back end. He would try to bite you if you attempted to pat his butt. I am happy to report that he now loves to be patted all over, and will in fact come nudge your hand to pat him if someone else is getting attention. He's the first to claim the prize spot on my lap while watching TV, because he knows that's the best place to be to get patted.Just goes to show what the right kind of love can do for a guy. Happy Birthday dude!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


My husband is the dog control officer around these parts. He usually wears a hat, no gun. Hot dogs and old venison will help bring in the strays. In this case he surely is in control of six hot dogs, and I think he has some venison jerky. Very often dogs who are "running at large" as we say, are afraid and will not be interested in food even once you have them contained. I've yet to meet a Dachshund that wasn't fanatical about treats and food in general. The group here includes our three, Miss Peaches, Foozie, and Spaatz. Then there are my daughters three dogs Rupert, Loreli and Olivia. I confess that multiple Dachshund syndrome is running rampant around here. Its the most fun I've had with the word syndrome in it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Foozie, Miss Peaches and Spaatzen would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter holiday. They're getting pretty good at these photo ops now. They see me setting up and they're milling about waiting because they know when there are treats involved. The boys are real good, even with the bunny ears. Miss Peachy always would prefer to be laying down. The dogs help with a little Easter fun, now that my kids live far away. Hope everyone is with the ones they love for the holiday.
Fooziebunny and the Peach


Monday, April 2, 2012

Today Is Miss Peaches 6th Birthday!!

Today is Miss Peaches 6th birthday!! She is my beautiful sweetheart. She is a great hunting dog, and she tries her best to rule the roost over the boys Spaatz and Fooze.She is a wirehair Dachshund, which are really special to us as our first Dachshund was a standard wirehair,Watson.
The Pack Just Chillin.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

**Dachshund Art**

I like this really cool Dachshund Tea Candle Holder..By animal.artist. You can check it out over on flickr. It really cute and even whimsical. I have to tread lightly around whimsy. Sometimes it can be confused for nauseating, but this one isn't at all.