Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Give You - The Teddydog

Sandie does teddydog impression
I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I wanted my teddy bears to be real. Now as an adult I think I have come about as close as I can get. I give you the Teddydog. Miss Sandie and Miss Peachy are wonderful Teddydogs, Warm and fuzzy, all they want to do is hang out with you always and snuggle. Plus they have the added feature of the canine security system. Nobody can sneeze within a hundred feet of my house without them knowing. Today as we brace for a blizzard here in the north east the Teddydogs and their smooth haired counterparts have decided to keep the bed warm for me in case I should decide I need to take a nap. So thoughtful. Currently 13 degrees with the wind gusting to 9 mph and predictions of it getting much worse, I think they may have a really good idea. Let me tell you when you lay in bed with your body lined with 4 sleeping dachshunds, you are warm.
Miss Peaches offers the belly

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - Dachshund Style

Happy New Year to everyone! As you can see it was a wild party at the home of My Three Doxsons. What you see here is my lap with the gang in their favorite place. I'm watching the festivities on the TV, which were fairly lame. Hence the dogs just said "wake me in 2014" Hope you all had a safe festive evening and your dachshunds all had a warm lap to sleep on.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Dachshund Friends

Sandie and Spaatz
Spaatz has a new friend in Miss Sandie. While Miss Peachy and Foozie are his close buds, they are a little older and not quite up to the lightning speeds Spaatz is capable of. Enter Miss Sandra D (dogger). Not only can she keep up I think she may be faster. She is about 3 years old like Spaatz. They love to wrestle and play and run around the house at high speed. Occasionally Foozie will join in who will be 7 next April. Peachy, who is soon to be 8 can't be bothered in participating in the melee. Although she will participate in hunting in the backyard. The team of Spaatz and Sandie with Peach an Fooze for backup there may be some unhappy critters out there this spring.
Dachshund Team 4