Friday, July 6, 2012

Don't Forget Peaches

Spaatz, Boo-cakes and Foober
I know that the boys have been in the forefront of the latest posts, but we can't forget about the Peach, aka currently as Boo-cakes. She has long been called Boo boo,but lately its been Boo-cakes. I'd like to have a dollar for every nickname these dogs have, I could probably buy dinner anyway. This is an older photo of them sunning themselves. Peach has her curly coat. I actually shaved her up for the third time this summer yesterday. It's been so hot, I wanted to help her keep cool. Nothing too good for the puppies. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Spaatz, Miss Peaches and Foozeball
Happy 4th of July everyone from the My Three Doxson's. We hope everyone has the appropriate amount of fun and a little fireworks of course. Doesn't Spaatz look like a general? And well he should, he's named after a 4 star general. Miss Peachy is as beautiful as ever and well Fooze, he's named after a table game with a little ball that zings around willy-nilly. Have a happy holiday and be safe. 

Monday, July 2, 2012


Caution- He may steal your heart
Spaatz, the ever handsome heart throb that he is, sportin his metro-tie. He is the kissing bandit though. He just HAS to kiss you. Now its not a big sloppy kiss, I've had big dogs, where its like getting your face cleaned with an abrasive pad. It's a gentle little peck, although he likes to lick my nose too. I will tell him over and over no kissing, but he can't help it. If I can convince him to stop he will smother me with his body, and just when I think I'm safe, he will kiss me again. Certainly there are worse things that could happen to me in the course of a day so I don't worry about it. In fact I occasionally ask for a kiss, to which he never refuses. Always there when you need him. My hero- Spaatz.