Friday, October 17, 2014

Early Signs of Dachshunds

I have mentioned before that my husband is the dog warden for our town for the last 14 years. Recently we picked up a dog and the owner didn't notice the dog was missing for over 24 hours. This was a smaller breed that spends time inside the house. This scenario I personally can't imagine. First of all if you have dachshunds there is a good chance that they sleep by your side. Second, even before you wake you may be acutely aware  of their presence. I may have a dog tucked under each arm, or sometimes when it's about time to get up it feels like someone is standing on me. Not a person of course,but I feel four, sometimes eight feet walking around or just standing, and you know your being stared at. This is just Spaatz and Foozie standing on me, hoping I'll get up. Not that there is much choice in the matter.
The other day, when I opened my eyes there was nothing but this big dark shape before me blocking my view of almost everything. What is this? The zombie apocalypse? No, how silly, but Spaatz was laying so his nose was a half inch from my eyeball. Ooh, a little early for the close encounters. Then there is always Miss Peachy who will not growl, but grumble I would say because it IS time for her to be patted, and she will complain until I comply. I usually just need for her to get closer to my hand so I can rub her scruffy head without actually getting up.  Once you get up, when you want to make the bed you may find you have some sizable lumps in it and you have to ask them to leave. Even then the lumps may return when your not looking. So not noticing the dog was missing, not possible. I feel oddly alone if there's not at least one dog in the room.