My Three Doxsons

My Three Doxsons
Spaatz, Miss Peaches and Foozer

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Miss Peaches and Mr Foo

I'm happy to announce that the "old dogs"celebrated their birthday this weekend. Mr. Foo, was as far as we're concerned, 10 years old on April Fool's Day. Miss Peaches turned 11 the day after.
Miss Peaches is a true Diva with an attitude and I'm so glad that she has fully recovered from her major back surgery 2 summer's ago. You would never guess she's 11. She loves walkies, in fact she and Sandie turn into complete idiot's when they figure we're going for a walk. You might think they would get all wore out from the pre-walk excitement.
Then there is Mr. Foo, who is showing his age as all red smooth dachshunds do, with his face turning grey. His paws too. His activities have slowed down too. He often figures that he'll just stay on the couch while everyone else goes outside. It's cold out there. He'll take a pass on the squirrel hunting.
Do you find your dogs name changing over time? Mr.Foo started life here as Foozeball. Although, he is mostly known as Fooze, it has morphed from Foozeball to Foober, Foobie, Foob and now Mr. Foo. I suppose all that is left if for me to call him FFFFF. Not sure he'll answer to that. Especially since it seems like his hearing is not what it used to be.
I must say we had a great "doggie day" to celebrate that included some yummy venison treats that dad saved for them, but a nice walk in the sunshine, and to top it all off, Miss Peaches was outside at the end of the day and was sniffing feverishly around a tarp covering the tractor. Well, she found a vole, which she dispatched immediately. She got her face washed, and her teeth brushed after that. That most likely not the best part of the day for her, but all in all a good doggie day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Sound of Cheese

So your thinking to yourself "cheese doesn't make a sound", but to the trained dachshund ear , it definitely does make a sound, and it can be heard from across the house. It's a crinkle sound.
I know that if I open a package of cheese in the kitchen the dogs will be running, no need to call them. Just the smallest taste makes them happy. Until they invent silent wrappers this will be the case. If you think you might slip into the kitchen for a little snack of cheese by yourself, forget it.
I've already documented this new breed of dachshund, the North American Cheesehound. Always willing to sniff out any cheesy combustibles you might have in case you lost them.
Their noses are highly sensitive. You probably couldn't eat cheese without a dachshund detecting it if it were unwrapped and you were alone on the third floor in a dark closet. Look at that face, could you deny her just a wafer thin piece? I think not.
Perhaps that's an idea for the next new invention, The Cheese silencer. It might help with other breeds of dogs, even people too. Preventing a disaster in your home like a shortage of cheese. I shudder to think.