Saturday, June 16, 2012

Foozeball, a Perfect Dachshund Comma

Don't you just love when your dachshund is curled up in a ball, kinda shaped like a comma. No one demonstrates this better than Foozy. He looks so sweet, like a little angel. Somehow I don't think I look that peaceful when I'm sleeping, still dreaming about jobs I had back in 1982. Ah, to be able to be a dog and actually appreciate the sweet set up you have. Not all dogs have it sweet I know, but one of the lucky dogs like mine.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Awesome Dachshund Photos!!

Baby and Bessi
Here's another awesome dachshund photo I found on the web. Two things are awesome here. The extremely cute wild boar wire haired dachshund (a personal favorite, I had one). Plus a Tiger cub, how awesome can you get? They are so cute together, if I was there, I would never get anything done. It can be tough enough here, and I just have 3 dachshunds.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Babyman: The Toy Destroyer

Last moments for this tennis ball alive.
Babyman, aka Spaatz doesn't like his toys in one piece. Tennis balls must be shredded. Squeakers must be removed from stuffed toys, oh and the stuffing too. Once he gets a hold of it, its only a matter of time before I am picking up pieces and putting them in the trash. He has gotten a little better about it. One toy I got him for Christmas lasted a few months before all the squeakers were removed.A note to dachshund owners with the same tendency, forget about those "playballs" that look like tennis balls. They can't hold up under a Dachshunds teeth, real tennis balls are much tougher. Those playballs will not only be peeled, but chomped into chunks and left all over the room. A little extra money, but well worth it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

My Three Doxsons wish all Dad's a happy day from Dad's chair.
I know its a little early, but its gonna be here before you know it. We like to be prepared, so we are not ones to wait for the last moment. If its a special day, then you gotta be ready. We are. Unfortunately neither my dad or my father-in law are still with us so all my attention goes to my husband on fathers day. But I ordered a special engraved gift, it came last week and I got a card. I still have to wrap it all up. The dogs are always ready. Everyday is Father's day, Mothers day and everyones birthday all in one. Always ready to shower you with love, go with you where ever, hang out with you is all they want. Its a win win situation. Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all dad's everywhere.