Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The RANGO Project

Rango, long haired dachshund, close to standard size
The SPCA called us to see if we would foster a dachshund they had there for a while. They called him Rambo because he was mean and tried to bite many people. We checked him out. I figured he was just terrified. In this small room in a cage, about 10 other dogs barking constantly. We brought him home, I figured we'd call him Rango, you know, stranger in a strange place. At first he was so scared. Hiding under the dining room table, peed himself. I was shocked that within 2 hours he started to transform. He remembered his inner dachshund, running around, tail wagging, playing. It hasn't been a total miracle, he has some issues, food aggression, possessiveness. Trying to work through those things now. Oh yeah, he's a trash hound. I am struck by how we've been able to improve his life in a night and day fashion and he has responded quicker than I could have expected. We're trying and he's trying too and hopefully he'll get a furever home someday, he can be real sweet, he just needs the right people to give him a chance.