Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Small American Nesting Hound

The Small American Nesting Hound is alive and well and may be taking up a bit of your personal space right now. Whether you are sleeping, watching TV or just reading your email, you may have one of these creatures on your lap or stuffed in tightly against you.
If you are like me and have more than one of theses uber cuddlers you may find yourself pinned down unable to move. If you've ever gotten a cramp in your leg in one of these situations, it may be difficult to rouse them. When you shift yourself, even a small amount, they just readjust themselves and your back where you started.

In the winter, if you live where it gets cold this is not so bad, and may even save on the heating bills. There is the hazard though of when you first sit down there may be a collection of Nylabones and other chewy toys that are really uncomfortable to sit on. I have enforced the no bones on the bed rule. The couch is a different story. Once Spaatz was using my leg as a place to prop up his bone so he could chew on it better. No, no, no, this is definitely not working. Take that thing elsewhere. There is an order to all this nesting and cuddling though. everyone has their "spot". Sandie, the most recently acquired hound bends this rule a bit. She is a little behind in the ways of the dachshund, but she is learning slowly from my learned staff of professionals. She is very endearing though and sometimes I wake to find her head on my pillow next to me sleeping like a person. I find this to be kinda sweet. That she is, to the core.
Apon waking, Spaatz will nudge his way under my hand, and if I move it he will do it again. Then, most likely Sandie will try to get her head in there too. Followed by Fooze and Miss Peach will grumble that she is not being patted as well.
So if you find yourself fortunate enough to own a Nesting Hound or two, or three, or more you know how sweet and fun they are. If not, what are you waiting for? You know you want one. Go ahead, that's how it starts.

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