Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving with 8 Dachshunds

Last week we went to Florida to see our kids and mother in law for Thanksgiving. That meant that there had to be the great convergence. Of dachshunds that is. My 4 and my daughter's 4. I know, it's like a sickness. Unfortunately I failed to get the"portrait" of them. Just went into relax mode after dinner.  I do have a little video of them cleaning up the carving platter after the bird had been stowed. You may note there are only 7 dachshund here. Little Olivia, a rescue, sometimes misses out on events because she is very shy and prefers to keep her feet on a rug not tile.

 There was a lot of barking as one would expect at first, then they settled in. Six of them have met previously. Love to run a muck in grandma's backyard, after a lizard or two, maybe a squirrel. A couple years ago we had a Christmas dinner at my mom's house in Sarasota, and after dinner we had enough dachshunds for everyone to hold on their lap. Isn't nice when you have enough for everybody? No one has to feel left out, including the dachshunds.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Fig Newton Incident

Peaches the bear
We went to Florida for Thanksgiving. We drove down, roughly a 2500 mile round trip with 4 dachshunds. That may sound crazy, but we don't have teenagers at home to watch them because they don't want to go places with us. Now we have to drive long distances to see our twenty something children. So we try to make it in two days. First day went real well until the hotel we were planning to stay at had changed their pet policy last June. Then we were trying to find one that would without charging 25 dollars a dog or limiting the number of dogs. We found a place, but didn't get precise about the number of dogs we had. They were good, only one woof out of all of them (Fooze) and no accidents. However the next morning we had the Fig Newton incident. We left pretty early, planning to stop for breakfast, (no buffet available). I had wanted to go to McDonald's so we didn't have to get out of the car. Missed the exit, next exit few options. Okay, let's go to the Waffle House, it'll be quick. I could write a whole story about how screwed up breakfast was, but I'll get to the point.
Road Ready
 I was going back to the car with a piece of bacon when I quickly realized something was amiss. Miss Peaches had gotten into the sealed container we had snacks in, and she had taken out an almost full package of Fig Newton's and consumed them. I'm not sure that the other dogs got any. She's not one to share such booty. Besides that Sandie was in the front seat and both the boys were in the way back making like they had no part of this situation. Needless to say no one got any bacon. I cleaned up  the wrappers and crumbs, some scolding went on and we went on our way. Peachy kinda laid there like a beached whale for most of the day, but I know she would do it again in a heart beat. We have decided we need a bear proof metal box to keep our snacks in because Peachy is a marauding bear when it comes to anything edible in the car.