Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Four Damp Dachshunds

That's what I ended up with, on my lap. We wanted to get the gang out for a good walk on Saturday, but we had another snow storm which quickly melted and made a big mess of everything. Which is why we haven't been out much. So we figured no trail hike or going to the farm. I thought, lets go to the rail trail, which is a paved railroad bed that's a nice place to walk or ride bikes. I had hoped it would dry so I wouldn't have to wash all 4 of them when we got back. Well part of it was dry, most was not. You should had seen the water splashing off the 4 of them as we walked. We went 2.6 miles round trip, needless to say after that, the bath they all needed and supper, I had 4 pooped puppies. Dried them the best we could without getting the hairdryer out, then we all crashed on the couch. As they say though "a tired dog is a good dog". These guys are the best.