Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dachshund Though the Snow!

 Isn't Sandie the sweetest little teddy bear of a dog ever? Here she is sporting a little snow on her tummy just waiting for a little rub down after she comes in from the cold. Not that Sandie minds the cold at all, because she really doesn't seem to care it at all. Miss Peachy either. The reason is obvious of course. It's that fur coat. Foozie, I have to hunt him down and toss him out. Really not looking to go out even though he at least has a shirt on. So when he rings the bell to go out, I know he's not kidding. Then he's quick to do what he has to and he's crying to come back in.

Spaatz, even though he is a "smoothie"always wants to go out. There might be a squirrel out there, and we just can't have that. It's his job to eliminate them from the yard. He refuses to wear a sweater, it feels so foreign to him, he stiffens up and is not himself until it's removed, even though he will shiver when he's out there.
Sitting by the heat vent

Then there's Sandie and Peaches, always up for the hunt. Single digits outside, really, they hadn't noticed. I have to coax them to come in. In fact one of Sandie's favorite things to do is roll around in the snow. Peachy has way too much dignity for that, but she's not above jamming her head into the snowbank. That has a purpose though, she smells a critter and is looking for it. They all have their own style. I'm looking forward to when I have to shave the girls and the boys are out in the yard basking in the sun. Can't wait, spring will be sweet this year.

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