Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Talkin to me?

Miss Peaches doesn't look real impressed. Little does she know that in a couple of days when we say "do you want to go for a ride?" its gonna be a thousand miles. Oh and I'm gonna have to give her, her summer shave before we go because its gonna be warm where we're going. Usually when its a long trip they're a little anxious at first because they think we're going to the park or the rail trail for a walk. Then after a while they'll settle in because we don't seem to be stopping anywhere soon. So it will be time for a group nap in the back seat. We haven't got one yet, but we talked about one of those screens that keeps them in the backseat. They will be constantly trying to sneak up in the front and sit in my lap. They do it real slow so maybe no one will notice. Then it gets tough because you've got three dogs that want to sit in your lap. In a Subaru its impossible. May be in an older vehicle with a bench seat it might be possible. They will try real hard to make it work, then someone moves a little and the whole configuration of dachshund bodies falls apart and then its "go in the back". It will be along ride,but we do it so they can be with us. We will see my daughter's dachshunds and it will be a dachshund party.