Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventures of the Bunnyman

 Spaatz lives to chase the bunnies. Peaches does too, but she lets Spaatz take the lead. Foozie, if someone else finds the bunny then okay, but he's not going stalking himself. Yesterday we had a crazy little escapade I wish I had been recording it. There are a row of trees right out the backdoor, some have quite the thicket of grape vines around the bottom. Home for birds, bunnies and the occasional chipmunk. Well the bunny was sitting to the right side of the tree, the dogs go out, bunny runs into the vine cave leaving Peach and Fooze standing there as Spaatz goes around the other side, hear a little rustling. Next thing I know the bunny comes out of the bush like he was shot out of a cannon. Right in front of Peach and Fooze, they're so surprised they don't react in time as the bunny takes off and Spaatz is now out and on his tail. Peach and Fooze try to keep up as Spaatz disappears for awhile. Alas he comes up empty pawed again, tomorrow is another day. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Peeing Contest gets Complicated

This is what happens when you're not paying attention
Today as usual we were out for a walk. I got out early to beat the heat. We did have some excitement as we were walking down our road when 2 squirrels jumped out right in front of us and ran across the road. Well you can imagine M3D scrambling after the varmints. Good thing they were on leashes. The thing with leashes is they have their good and bad moments. Now take when we got a little further on our way and Fooze pees on a tree then Spaatz and Peach does her best to squat and lift a leg at the same time, the Fooze wants to go again, and Spaatz one more time. Well you can see what happens, we say they get "hornswaggled" which I know is not the definition, but the word seems to describe the situation so well. I know if I could invent a leash that would keep multiple dogs from getting tangled we'd do our walk on easy street.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

100% Loyal and True

PeachyPoo, Foozie-B, Spaatzen
You know what I love about these guys? They are 100%, I know what to expect from them and they never let me down. They make me laugh everyday, and give all the love and affection I can stand. You know what I mean, sometimes you have to say enough with the kisses already. In return they ask for so little, cup o'chow and I enjoy patting them almost as much as they enjoy being patted. I don't know whose getting the best deal, but it seems like we're all winners together.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hunting Wabbits
In our area this year there seems to be a bumper crop of rabbits. Much to the delight of my three dachshunds, and the local coyote population. I'm sure the coyotes are getting a more direct benefit while for M3D its all sport. Its not that their not serious in their hunting efforts, its just that the bunnies seen a little faster and are good at hiding once they hit the thicket. Today when we were out for our walk we hadn't really even gotten out of the yard while the dogs were sniffing around my flowers when I see a bunny on the side of the road that quickly runs to the bushes as a car goes by. I already know whats going to happen when we cross his path. Sure enough as we get there, the dogs make a sharp left turn, and had they not been on leashes they would have been gone. I let them sniff briefly and keep them out of the poison ivy, them remind them we were out for a walk and they could catch up with the wabbits later. Or maybe just in their dreams.