Saturday, March 31, 2012

Energizer Doggie

Spaatz is truly the energizer doggie. I will take the dogs for a long walk and when we get back Peaches is belly up on the tile floor next to the water bowl. Spaatz wants to run after squirrels in the backyard or is tugging on my pants to get me to throw his toy. He also can very destructive with toys. I once asked the manager at Petco what kind of warranty they had on a "supposed" tough toy. She asked what kind of dog I had, I replied "Dachshund". She laughed at me. I have a bag of shredded toys, the teeth on this dog are like razors. He's chewed through 4 nylon leashes, in the blink of an eye. I must give him a little credit though, I got him a snake toy for Christmas, it had 3 squeakers in it. Its really rough looking, but 3 months later it still has 1 squeaker left. Its a record for him.
Belly Up

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Dogs Can't Help It

I didn't say to them will you please lay down in a pile and look really cute together? Nope, they up and did it all by themselves, its a natural thing with them, they do it all the time. Its amazing I can get anything done. This little grouping happened while I was vacuuming, right close by! I had to stop because they would move a little and I would have to stop and take another shot. I would like to thank them officially for being sweet and cute and always being 100%. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awesome Dachshund Photos!

Thank you Seth Casteel for another Awesome Dachshund Photo. He must have a very high speed camera to capture these amazing photos. I would think you would actually take 100 photos and perhaps get 1 or2 good ones. Plus all the bubbles involved in a dog jumping in the water after a ball would obscure most of the shots. The logistics of pulling these shots off are kind of mind boggling. Hats off to you Seth for figuring it out and sharing with us.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't let that sweet face fool you

Miss Peachy may look sweet and innocent, but she's actually a little killer. And now that she has Spaatz as backup the critters better watch out. She's always on patrol, on lookout. Last year she killed three snakes she found in the garden. This year not only did she tangle with a muskrat (which she required some human assistance with, plus medical attention) but she has gotten her first snake of the year, and a house sparrow, and it still March. Its a long hunting season. She is still a really sweet girl that I love to no end. She has just embraced her inner Dachshund, I think the wirehairs tend to do this the most. I must give Spaatz a lot of credit for being a smoothie he certainly is game. Fooze can take it or leave it, the hunting bit. If there's a critter about, sure, but he's not gonna go look for it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Foozeball's New Shirt

Foozies got a new shirt. He used to wear shirts all the time. It all started when we got him from the SPCA. He had this rash that he would scratch and lick at all the time under his armpits of his front legs. He would make it rough and irritated. So I had him wear a shirt, treating the skin underneath. It worked great and he stopped itching at it and the skin got better. We were able eventually to take the shirt off for a long while. Just recently he started scratching again, perhaps something with the warm weather. He needed a new shirt because Spaatz destroyed his old polo's when he was wearing them. That's just Spaatz, destuctoboy. Anyway Fooze is looking pretty dapper in his new shirt so I had him stand in the garden and look sweet for me.