Saturday, November 16, 2013

Meet Sandie

Sandie- Wire hair, long hair mix
This little fluffy pup is now known as Sandie. She was owned by a lady with 7 cats and 8 kittens and another dachshund that bites everyone. Basically a cat lady with a couple of unhappy dachshunds. My husband, the local dog warden was at the SPCA and met this lady, the topic of dachshunds came up and she said she was thinking of getting rid of at least one of the dogs. When we met the dog she barked incessantly. I'm thinkin this is not going to work. The lady had been unable to house train the dogs, that wasn't what I was worried about, but if I couldn't touch her and all she did was bark that was a problem. So we took her in the backyard to meet Miss Peaches who we had brought with us. She's the alpha female, but no fireworks erupted. Then we put a leash on Sandie and she suddenly calmed down and became my dog, friendly, climbing up my leg, wanting so much to lick me. Okay, maybe there's a chance. So we brought her home and she's getting along with everyone. She loves to fetch the ball and is giving Spaatz a run for his money. House training is going well and I've found her to be a really happy, loving dog. She's officially a foster here now, we'll see. She's in desperate need of groceries, I can feel every bone in her body. I think she'll be about the size of the boys when we get her back to health. Dachshund's just need people who understand them.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Three Doxson's- Florida Style

Olivia, Lorelei, Rupert
Usually, I am in my home state of New York and have my constant companions, My Three Doxson's Peaches, Spaatz and Foozie. I was down south last week, in Florida to see my son on his birthday, but I did spend most of my time with my daughter. I didn't have to go through wiener dog withdrawal  while I was away because she has 3 of them too. She has 2 long hairs and one smoothie (who is Spaatz"s sister). I have 2 smoothies and a wire hair. So it was nice, I still had dogs on my lap and plenty of kisses coming my way. I did still miss the gang at home, but having these guys around made it much much easier.
My Three Doxson's - Southern Division