Friday, February 15, 2013

REALLY Peaches??

I know that nothing Peaches does now should come a surprise, but she did it again the other day. The ground is showing again under the snow, and I could see as she was sacheting back to the house she had stuff in her beard again. No problem, I thought they were bark chips from the garden. As she gets to the door I stop her to clean her up. Nope, the stuff hanging off her face are bird feathers. Lovely, such a sweet face, never know what it will be next.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow higher than a dachshunds back

While Miss Peaches may appear to have no head, its actually just stuffed in the snow. Peaches being a wire hair quite enjoys the snow and will stuff her head into the snow to see what she might come up with. Usually nothing, but she can be quite determined and will often turn herself into quite the snow bunny. Our last storm was a good one, we got about 14 inches as near as I can figure with all the drifting. It was definitely higher than a dachshunds back. I had to keep going out and digging little trenches so the dogs could go out. I kept it pretty good until the night when all was lost and there were no trenches to be seen in the morning. I had to start all over, if I'd let them out without digging they would have taken one step and about disappeared. When they did get out they loved running around, it was like a big habitrail for dogs.