Friday, February 8, 2013


The boys are giving their testimonial for the heated dog bed. They love it, keeps them cozy even when the sun isn't out. I was impressed you could plug it in the lighter in the car too. Can't let our hot dogs get cold!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rango's Assimilation

As one can witness from the photo, Rango (piebald longhair) has been assimilated into the pack. It took a little while. There was strong opposition from Miss Peaches in particular. Our resident wire hair did not welcome the uncouth new comer. She is the leader here and had to assert herself. Spaatz, the black and tan dapple didn't like him at first, but soon hashed it out and they now are tearing up the floor boards here chasing each other around. Foozeball, the red, now plays with Rango too, which is cool because playing hasn't been his thing so much, but now the three boys really go for the gusto sparring with each other. I'm glad they're small dogs or I would likely have some broken furniture. When Rango finds his forever home they might even miss him.