Monday, November 4, 2013

Dachshund- The heat seeking missle

They're long and lean with a pointy nose and a tail that helps them course through the table and chair legs on their way to the nearest dog bed that happens to be in the sunshine. I have several placed around the house so as the day goes on there is usually a bed strategically placed so they can lay in the warm sun. As we move into the winter months here in NY they really are seeking the warmth. These guys are spoiled though, not only do they have a fleecie, pressure sensitive, heated dog bed, but I make the point of moving it for them as the sun passes through the sky. Foozie is the #1 sun bather, he'll lay on the hot back top on a summer day. Spaatz loves the sun, but being under a blanket works just as well for him. The Peach, she loves the sun, but that wire hair coat makes her get too warm, so in warmer months she'll hang in the shade where the boys can stay in the sun. Stay warm my friends.