Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Family Milestone: Miss Peaches turns 14

Miss Peaches has turned 14! This is truly a major milestone in our family. We have had many dogs over the years, some mutts, a doberman, a lab and several dachshunds. She's the first to make it past 13. Happy birthday Peachy, Peachypoo, Poohey, Pooh-bear, Booboo, Booface.
Our current crew can all be considered seniors. Spaatz and Sandie will be 10 this year, although they still seem like dogs in their prime. Spaatz the mighty hunter, Sandie tries but her goofiness makes her not quite the hunter he is. They are all great dogs with different doxie personalities.
Miss Peaches has gotten pretty persnickety in her old age. She wants, what she wants, when she wants it. She will definitely let me know when she wants something. Usually it's about food, but it might be to be put up on the couch, despite there being doggie stairs available. She also lets me know when she wants to go in or out. That may be a subtle grumble so you have to pay attention.
The communication is usually in the form of loud barking. If she wants dinner, she will come and find me and bark in a pretty forcefully. Her stomach clock tends to run a little fast. If I tell her "it's too early" while she doesn't understand what I'm saying, she gets that she's not getting food right now.
The old gal has plenty of spirit when she's awake. I love when she gets up off the couch in the morning and goes in the crate in the kitchen and snuggles down in the comfy dog bed like it's her day job. Happy birthday sweet Peachy, may you have many more!!