Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Keep Your Hot Dogs Chillin

Wow, as we work towards a day of record breaking heat ( 10AM, 89 degrees in the shade), it's always a good idea to keep your hot dogs chillin. I got the crew a little cabana to hang out on. They've been a little resistant to it, preferring the chaise lounge that they're used to, but it doesn't have the shade, so that's why I got it.
I bought the larger model, so if they wanted to, they could all be on it together, That event hasn't happened yet. I think we're up to three of them on it at once. Spaatz really likes the lounger because he uses it for a look out. Specifically for squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucks and bunny rabbits.
Mr Foo, (Foozeball), the old man, really is a sun worshipper so he will go out and bake himself for a little while, then come and check out one of the many dog beds available with a ceiling fan running.
Miss Sandie Poo was really turning into a mop again so I gave her her second shave of the season. She cooperates very well until we get to the feet, which she decides all bets are off. That's when I sit on the floor with her laying stretched out on my legs and I finish her up.
Miss Peaches had been experiencing a little back problems, but she has rested up and is doing much better now. otherwise everyone has been doing well and I for one am looking forward to the fall and some cooler weather.The doggies don't get as much outdoor time in this heat, so I think they'll agree.