Friday, June 6, 2014

Peachy likes to dig.

This is what happens when your dog likes to dig. She gets ANOTHER bath. Miss Peaches is a sweet doggie, but she can't shut down the dachshund instincts. It's okay, I'm prepared with a vinyl apron and dog shampoo. The laundry room sink is the best place to do it.
She knows it's coming. She was digging at the edge of the fence, in the garden. I wish I had a new plant handy because the hole was deep enough. That chipmunk was long gone. At least this time it was just the face and paws. Sometimes it's one or the other.Then other times it's has been the whole dog, caked on mud, stem to stern. A lot of rinsing just to get down to the dog.
In the end that's just Peachy, she's the only real digger in the group. Spaatz like's to hunt, Foozie would rather lay in the sun. Give him a call if you catch anything. Then there's Sandie who likes to hunt, sun and Roll! And we know what happens to dogs that like to roll............
One freshly dried Sandie