Thursday, December 13, 2012


Foozeball has the curse of being very handsome. Not a thing he can do about it, he's just a good lookin dude. He is a dog that can really rock a sweater or polo shirt. I got him this little sweater and it goes so well with his copper color. He is a dog that tends to look naked when he's not dressed. He will lick his armpits until there is no fur there, so I found keeping him in a shirt solves that problem. So he wears the sweaters this time of year, he's cool with it, and warm with the New York winter.

 Fooze ia a summer polo, waiting for a ride

Monday, December 10, 2012


Well this is why you need more than one dachshund. Its so they always have a warm place to put their head. This was sweet, all lined up putting their head on the next dog. You might think Spaatz has no place to put his head, but usually they will form a pile that will give everyone a warm spot to rest the noggin. I think in this case they were hoping we might be going for walkies and were queing up, but got a little tired waiting.