Sunday, March 25, 2018

Miss Peaches: Swiffer for the Planet

I recently took the dogs for a little hike on the local Greenway trail, which was very nice and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed it. Part of the trail is all leaves and sticks from the past fall. Which can be problematic for Peachy. I have to remove a variety of leaves and debris from her underside afterwards
If you find yourself lucky enough to own a wire haired dachshund or two, you may be all too familiar with the phenonmenon of the canine swiffer. Miss Peaches, in the photo above has just had a bath after a walk. As you can see, she can't do a thing with her eyebrows after a bath.
Now I'm sure the same could be said for the long hair dachshund as well. Rupert here, my "grand dog" would experience the same issue I'm sure, but he's in Florida and hasn't been on any trails in New York as of late.
Some of you may recall Miss Peach has a similar problem with snow. The worst part about that is, while you might think you could "brush" the snow away. You would be sadly mistaken. It quickly becomes embedded and has to be pulled out, snowball by snowball.
Soon, with the warmer weather I will have the ritual "shaving the Peach". It helps keep the bugs down and her undercarriage a little more tidy. My other wire hair, Sandie, I keep shaved year round.
As you can see, while she is very cute, the fur is very fine and prone to matting. She hates to be brushed, and will run away if she sees the brush. She is very cooperative for the shaving process, so it works out better for all this way. I like to say she is part "O-Cedar".
She does clean up very well I must say. Then there are the boys, Spaatz and Foozeball, or Mr. Foo.
They don't have these problems with their short fur. That can cut down on the number of dogs that need to washed after a hike. While we have the whole process down to a science, it can be a lot of work and towels. The hazards of having a bunch of low rider dogs. It's okay, they're totally worth it.
I wouldn't change a thing.
My Golden Girl