Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can a Dog Have BUNNY FEET?

Well of course they can't, but with Miss Peachy who is occasionally known as Miss Bunny Feet comes pretty close. Her feet are just so cute and fuzzy and sometimes when she sleeps they twitch. In all reality she would like to have bunny feet- in her mouth. On the way to conquering the pesky beast. Nothing would make her happier. I am glad they have come up just short in the hunting of wabbits, because next thing you know I have to step in a dispose of the body, an accessory after the fact you know. I don't mind the dogs have their sport with them, it keeps them out of the gardens but if they didn't finish the job properly not only do I have to get them to give it up, and find a final resting place, I would have to dispatch it. I can do it, I'd just rather not.

Monday, September 17, 2012

No Place Smells Like Home

Miss Peachy checking the air
We took the Gang out for their third camping trip. We were in Saugerties NY, staying at the Rip Van Winkle campground. We would highly recommend it. Long as you like being in the peaceful deep woods sitting by the campfire. The dogs really like it, its a sniffarama. The only downside being we can't let them chase the squirrels and chipmunks. Believe me there is a lot of them. We went on walks as usual, down to the waterhole in the stream. Miss Peachy loves to go in. This time there was a sizable snake in the water. Fortunately no canines saw it or there might have been a situation.
On the way home an event occurred that Watson always used to do that always amazed me. As we turned onto our road it was suddenly heads up, noses out the window and great excitement. Our road must have a unique smell to it because they can SMELL it when we are close. You know they were all snoozing then, but not until we were on our road, that the noses started working and they knew we were almost home.
Home Sweet Home